I am ready for Chinese New Year, are you?

I got this wishes from one of the Aduns the other day and though I don’t read Mandarin, I know what it means. It means, May all your heart’s desire come true (or something like that). So, this shall be my wishes to all blog readers.


It is the Chinese New Year’s eve and I don’t have time to cook this year. Moreoever, we are not very sure what we want to eat. We cannot decide if we want steamboat or western foods or traditional dishes. And it is timely, my eldest sister asked us to go over to her place for dinner.


So, I baked a cake for her. And yes, I baked it using my ‘remote control’. I had gone to Komtar today and it so happened there is an urgent press conference. So, it means I have video to publish and I just got it online.

How do I bake anything using ‘remote control’? Just shout the ingredients and my son will know what to do.


We even baked some fresh supply of peanut cookies which is soooooo good.


Our house is now ready for Chinese New Year. With abundant foods in our fridge, jars of cookies and cakes, plenty of red lanterns, new clothes and plenty of relatives coming to our house or going to visit them.

All these done while working.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

5 thoughts on “I am ready for Chinese New Year, are you?

  1. I saw you twice Last Saturday!

    Once at the Anson Road Market around lunch time and once more at night you were following LGE. lol…

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