Turning into vegetable

To all my darlings sekalian who occasionally check if I am still alive on this blog, thank you very much. So sorry I seem to have turned into a vegetable because of the mouldy old post that is several weeks old.

It is unusual for a chronic blogger like to me be without some craps to spew or someone to scold or something heart-warming to share. But I have really been busy and am always too tired to type. I don’t do it during office hours because I am more CAT than catman himself as I am paid to work from 8 am to 5 pm five days a week and I really work even if I am not in the office or at assignment.

Actually I don’t work five days a week but rather like my colleague said, 8 days a week because I work on Saturday, Sunday and evenings too. That’s why there is almost no time for anything at all.


And I got sick, had to see a doctor and got an MC. Of which I celebrate that MC because it is like the first time ever I get a legitimate MC after 13 years. That’s how long I have stopped working and though I had fallen sick in that 13 years but I don’t get legit MC like this one where I can skip work and sleep my fever, sorethroat and headache away.


It is also Lent season and on Ash Wednesday, I want to give another try at vegetarian fasting for fourty days. I know if I don’t get meds to kick those infections away, I will be very very sick for a long time because when I deny my system of pork oink oink oink and cow moo moo moo and chicken cluck cluck cluck, the body will retaliate. I had got the bad flu last year during Lent where I had bad coughs that go on through the night and even when I am sleeping.


So I had three days of antibiotic and not just regular ones but Zithromax which is the only type which I am not allergic to. Now I am all ok, except for slight coughs.


I had survived two days of vegetarian foods. Had that plate of bendi and fake pig kidney kungpo in the first photo for lunch, the green tea cheesecake for dessert at dinner with a friend and tonight, had Kapitan’s vegetarian foods.

My motivation is my eldest son is joining me on this vegetarian fasting and both of us ala carte our vegetarian dishes. They cook it fresh and it tastes gooooood. Only hubby is tempting me with the tandoori chicken. 🙂


I just grab a stash of Japanese cha soba, soba and wakame and am going to do it all the way through. I am fasting. No pig, no cow, no goat, no duck, no chicken, no animals from the sea but I will make an exception on Sundays. I just found out this year that I am not supposed to fast on Sunday. I learnt it in catechism class. Doh..


And this was my last non-vegetarian la mien I had before I puasa. I will just drool over the Japanese pork roll and Japanese scallop with the milky soup until Sunday…Roarss…..On Sunday, I am going to catch all the animals and eat them alive…..Grrrrr…………

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  1. Hmm… from your description, that doesn’t sound like fasting…more like abstinence only…hehe. As for Sundays, you can still abstain from meat like the monastics, but not fast (you can eat any number of meals on Sunday). The Western Church laws on fasting is quite easy to follow actually. 1 full meal and up to 2 smaller ‘snacks’ that combined is not more than that full meal.

    Want to know about the ancient discipline on fasting and abstinence, still practiced by the Eastern Churches and some Western contemplative orders? It includes abstinence from meat, dairy products, and eggs for the entire period of Lent, Sundays included.

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