The Alarm in Silent Mode Day

So here I am, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, staring at my laptop. It is taking its own sweet time to download photos, videos and an even longer time to transfer files from my C and D drives to my external F drive.

This is part of my job so I am not complaining. Just a little wish that it is not taking so long to do these little task.

During this waiting time, I usually have plenty of time to read, write and stalk.

So many things are happening. Usually, I will ponder and write about them but nowadays, I don’t have that much time to put those thoughts into my blog. Now I just unload them bit by bit into my Twitter account and also Facebook. For Twitter, I usually write about politics. On Facebook, just about everything. So, if you actually like those little things I jot down, do join me on Twitter and Facebook because I update them a lot.

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Today is the Alarm in Silent Mode day. I set my alarm to go off at 9 am because I am supposed to go to Adventist Hospital for some event at 10 am. I woke up with a jolt and ohmygod it was already 10.30 am. My iPhone4 alarm ring tone is like the nuclear about to explode, a very frightening loud noise. But it is on silent mode. Doh…

I went to bed at 2 am last night after I got back from some ceramah on the mainland. That explains the tiredness I felt. When I opened my eyes, the first thought was ‘Oh my God, what day is today, what I am supposed to do again? Huh? What?’ Lucky thing the next event that I am supposed to go is at 11 am and it is just at Straits Quay.

So, I have plenty of time to take a bath, wash my hair and grab the only no-need-iron blouse and put it on. Got there and am still early.

Today, is one of those rare days when I am affected by the speeches. Usually, I am like dead and numb to speeches. I hear but don’t hear anymore. I see but nothing impress me anymore. I go just because it is part of my job. I am so expert to them, I can tell my colleagues what the CM is going to say in his next speech. And usually I am 100% right.

There at Straits Quay, I actually cried. The sight of these Japanese expatriates, mostly women and children selling things touch a chord in my heart. They probably have some relatives back in Japan who are affected by the tsunami. So when the Japanese lady gave her speech and cried, I also can’t hold back my tears.

When the CM doesn’t give his usual ‘We are no. 1 in FDI bla bla bla to be an international city yadda yadda…’ but speaks of the cuff, he is a very interesting, endearing and engaging speaker. Sometimes I do wonder who writes those boring speeches of his. The regular ones lack feelings and are so boring I normally switch off. (No need to backstab me and tell him I blog that his speeches are boring, ok? He knows I know he knows I hate those boring speeches. I sometimes endure it 3 times a day of repeated speeches because it is all part of his job to deliver it to different crowds.) Today, he speaks from his heart and the words are really touching. When I am done with the video, I shall post it here.

Meanwhile, I shall have to spend the day editing and publishing several videos. Interesting ones. One may write the news. But no one can actually capture those emotions unless they are on videos. There are videos that makes one cry for the people of Japan, laugh at how silly Gerakan is for questioning about open tender when these little troopers do not even know what they are talking about, snigger when CM gave that dirty look at a certain Chinese party leader who suggested to DAP to take Nazri in, and video about Sarawak.

Till I find time again to write the next blog post, have a nice week or maybe a nice month ahead!

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