The bigger sin – Do we even notice it?

There is a story in the Bible. Actually it is not actually a story but what Jesus did on earth when Jesus was walking on earth as a Son of God, a man. It is something that most Christians have heard off. This is something that we Christians are often reminded of, during Easter.

So, there was this prostitute that a group of men dragged to the pekan. She was naked (not sure how naked, naked was). In those times, people caught in adultery will be stoned to death. The men are a bunch of religious folks, the elderly ones who seem to know it all.

They threw her on the grounds and wanted to stone her to death because she was caught with a man who is not her husband. There is no mention of the man though. As usual lah, the world is always biased. Men caught in adultery are often lauded as the hero while the women are sluts. Meanwhile, the wife can either choose to eat her heart out as the magnanimous wife for forgiving her husband or be the unwanted, ugly, old wife that probably is the main cause of her husband straying. Heh, we have seen that in our Chinese association leader. Typical.

I never have sympathies for those suffering in silent wives. Nah ah, I’d rather wash dishes by the roadside than to be the magnanimous wife. Ok, I have strayed off the main story. Can’t help it cos that’s one great woman’s flaw. They are just so helpless and have so little value of their own dignity. I can’t understand why women whose husbands have strayed would stay in a marriage.

Ok, back to main story again. Come back, folks. It is back to the biblical times.

So, imagine the scenes of Malaysian male politicians the likes of Bung Mokthar, Ibrahim Ali, Nazri Aziz, Chua Soi Lek, Zaid Ibrahim, Rahim Thamby Chik…..

Can you imagine yet? You know…those faces? Those sneering smiles? Those people who are supposedly respectable?

So, these men are standing by and ready to stone the woman to death.

And there sat Jesus, looking down on the dusty ground. He said ‘ Those of you who have not sinned, cast the first stone.’

And voila! Ibrahim Ali, Chua Soi Lek, Zaid Ibrahim, Rahim Thamby Chik, Bung Mokthar…and now, Hishamuddin, Daim and many more who have just finished parliament, whether as MPs or has-beens….

started throwing the stones.

And the woman died.

And Jesus cried.

Of course, in the bible, all the men walked away. But no, they are not from Malaysia. They are the Pharisees. Our Malaysians are much more dahsyat.

From nothing, they can cook up something.

It is very unreal. How all these male politicians who have at one time or another, ogled at some women or even worse, with evidences caught on video, committed adultery…have the self-righteousness to condemn someone they think is guilty of having sex with a prostitute.

Frankly, it is not my concern whether the man in the sex video is Anwar or not. That concern only his wife and children. It is none of my business.

What concerns me is how we, the Malaysians who live in this land have become so evil. So evil that we are ready to kill the reputation and image of a person based on just some black and white video.

To me, it is akin to murder. To me, the lies, the rumour mongering, gossips, intention to put someone to political death is pure evil.

We have come to this stage where money, fame, power and political ambitions have overtaken God. It is the end of the world when men and women too so blind they cannot differentiate what is right and what is wrong.

I don’t know who is the mastermind of this evil but we all have a part in it.

The bigger sin than the sin of having sex with a prostitute is the attempted murder of a man’s reputation. May God opesn the eyes of the evil ones and let them see their own evilness. May God grant strength to those affected with false accusations. And May God gives us wisdoms to discern the evil one from His Holiness.

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  1. prefer your version of the gospel – so much easier to imagine and puke!!! Hahahaha, thx Lillian.

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