Totally random

I am staying up late again. I always do that. Say want to go to sleep but something caught my eyes and I am lost in my little world.

I just created a totally random collages of photos I took since 2003. That’s the year we bought our first digital camera. It is a Canon one. Actually, I don’t know how I ended up getting paid as a photographer because back in 2003, I know nothing about photography.

The above is done on Youtube. It is very simple, just use the Stupeflix thing they have there, link your Flickr photos, find a music you like and they create it for you.


Today, I walked through this corridor again. It rained heavily so that sort of sets off the emo button a bit. The corridor leads to the OT and ICU in Lam Wah Ee. The hospital has expanded but the same OT and hidden ICU are still at the same place.


Lemme put a brighter and cheerful photo. I bought this pallete the other day. Clinique for RM185. Actually I have several, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder and Clinique. But who cares, I need to spend some money to feel normal so I buy again. I haven’t touch it yet though.


I have obediently parked myself here every morning. Actually, that wasn’t part of my deal. When I agreed to help out last year, I never bargain for a real job. But seeing how I could help out here and there, I decided to punch in every morning before 8 am starting in March.


To me, if I have an opinion, an attitude and the conviction that each of us have a role to play in this society, then, I ought to devote my time for them. After all, it is not like I have anything else to do in the mornings. Plus I am a darn good video journalist, ok?

The above muddy field was where Anwar had his ceramah. I think I am pretty insane to drive through heavy rain and even heavier jam just to cover CM’s part of ceramah. I am not obliged to go but I heard from reporter friends there may be ‘trouble’. So I cannot resist action drama.


Working here is still very foreign to me. I had been disciplined by Germans, lawyers and a tiger boss in my previous jobs. So, I always feel like I am not doing enough in this thing call civil service. I am a fast worker and find life too slow and mundane. This morning, I went in at 8 am and before 9 am, I have tippity tap a story that is 399 words long, complete with photos.


I ciao from the tall tall building by noon because I have to fetch my boy from school. Nothing and no one can stop me from doing that. No amount of money can entice me from the special time we spent after his school. When I have urgent things to do, I can get my eldest son to help me. Soon, he is going to work. But never mind, my boss has gotten a reliable colleague, someone whom I work along for a while. So, I am so relieved about that. After I picked him from school, we will go for lunch and we will return home where I continue my work. I am actually more productive at home than at the office. You know why? Because there is no one to talk or chit chat with me. I have only an 8yrs old who doesn’t bother me.


The above pic was taken in a Rapid Bus. Sometimes, during the school holidays, my hubby dropped me at Komtar and after I finish work, I take the Rapid Penang home. I love the cute pink shoes. It is random. I only take the words on the bus floor.

I love taking soppy stuffs. Regular PCs are killing me. I am so, so sick of politics. So when there are things that touched my heart, I become alive again. The above video was taken last Sunday. I cried during the Japanese lady’s speech. Oh boy, it is so embarrassing to get all teary eyed when you are the videographer because you are standing alone like a sore thumb and you don’t have chance to wipe tears in that awkward situation.

This side of Lim Guan Eng, the one who can say those soppy stuffs are what made work a little bit bearable. I think if he forgets to show that part of himself once in a while, I will ciao already. Listen to politics and serious issues can kill the joy of living and working.

So, that’s pretty random.