Now I am not happy already

It’s Sunday. I was planning to skip church and sleep till noon. Nowadays, it is a rarity to sleep till noon. On working days, I have to wake up to send my kid to school. On weekends, sometimes, I have to also wake up for work. This weekend is a breeze because the catman has gone to catland and I am totally free, free, free.

Last night I only go to bed at 2 am because I was slowlllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy waiting to burn DVDs. I didn’t know it takes so long to burn one DVD. I only managed five. I was doing a ‘movie production’, churning out video copied to DVD.

I told myself I am going to sleep till late and not going to church. But I woke up. And of all the shitty people in the world, the word Bung Mokhtar woke me up. I don’t know why and cannot recall why Bung Mokhtar. But it is only 9 am and so, I have to get my lazy bum to church because I am wide awake already. You know….conscience gnaws into the heart.

This is one of the video I stumbled upon while working last night. I had forgotten that I once talked to Bishop Ng Moon Hing. He is currently someone I admire.

I am glad and thank the Lord that Bishop Ng has been vocal and the CFM has stood firm on the Allah issue. Bishop Ng is from the Anglican church. The Allah issue is something we Catholics have to throw our fullest support. This thing got into the limelight of the media and politicians because of The Herald.

And why am I not happy? I am sad and disappointed that in our Sunday mass, there is not a mention of this Allah issue. No calls for us to specifically pray. And there is no mention of the needs for us to pray for the tsunami victims. Yes, we did make a second collection for that but I want to hear the call for us to pray for them.

There is no mention of the touchy issue of the sex video. I am not asking the church to pray for Anwar. But I expect the church goers to discern what is wrong with the whole thing. The very fact that we are all like part of the by-standers of the woman caught in adultery.

There is also no calls for prayers for our brethens in Sarawak. That is like evading issues.

In the end, we are all goody-goody church goers in our Sunday’s best out to church. But are we in touch with reality? Are we reminded of our roles in this society?

Maybe it is each individual priest’s preference. Whether they want to be involved in this dirty politics or just remain godly and all things nice and shiny. But it is my expectation that we take serious note that we cannot be good Christians living in our good little Christian perfect world.

Jesus never stay in the little temple and preach and preach and preach. Jesus went out there in the crowds of beggars, blood sucking tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers and bad evil politicians of biblical times like Pontius Pilate. So it is a sin for us just shut out the whole world.

Now, maybe I should just stay at home and not go to church. It gives me more delusions than visions.