’tis not about Anwar sex video, ’tis about something more sickening

So, by now, I am sure almost everyone has taken a peek of the so-called Anwar sex video. I myself had played the kepochee ‘video expert’ and scrutinised the background, the colour tone and the jumps.

I do not really care if that’s the real Anwar or the fake Anwar. Never was a fan and doubt I will be one. So, I have no emotional attachment. I don’t need to see with a heart beating fast, wondering if my leader (because he is not) has betrayed the whole nation. I don’t need to watch with hatred and bended on sharing it like some of the Gerakan and UMNO folks (because it doesn’t matter to me).

I see it because I got a bit big headed that I probably can view it as a lesson in video editing. After all, we had gone through very meticulous lessons during our citizen journalism training about cuts, jump cuts, transition and such. We cut videos up the seconds and milliseconds during our classes. We join them, seamlessly and to some they don’t notice the cut.

This is not the anwar sex video but much more entertaining

I do that often with LGE videos too. He sometimes paused for a while and that takes up my precious minutes on Youtube so I chop chop chop join join join and if the two parts are too obvious, I add transition to blend them better.

So, the video shown on Youtube is a bad job of video editing. One minute the girl was here, next minute she is there and such. The whole thing has been cleverly but not very skillfully edited. They had positioned the people so well, making sure we don’t see the face of the man fully clothed.

What I noticed was how yellow ‘the anwar in towel’ was at the start of the video. If it is a CCTV that is fully black and white, why is there yellowish tinge? So, I thought it probably is a lighting problem. But no, sometimes the yellow tinge is not there.

So, ‘video expert’ here said it could be two videos joined side by side, in the same set up. Could they have taken a real anwar in towel with his full face and then, join it to the one with the girl inside?

If you notice the first man in towel is thin. But at certain segments, that man is flabby. At minute 1:20, the man’s face do not look so much like anwar anymore. Instead, he looks Chinese to me with the slit on the eyes.

But it is not important to me whether that’s anwar or not. It is not like the end of the world. Married men cheat all the time. Ok, I rephrase that, Some married men cheat sometime. Life goes on.

However, the bigger picture here is someone is cheating, lying, faking it and they want all of us to believe or don’t believe in it.

That’s so sickening. The whole nation, including the children are now dragged into their stupid game of sex, lies and the denials.

What can we do about it? We can put in our smartass theories, argue and such. But that will never help. We can pray and hope that somehow, truth will prevail. I wish God will smack the evil ones and somehow, someone will make a boo-boo. We can only pray. That men will not be so evil and bended on bringing each other down. That they will focus on governing, helping the poor and needy and that they can have a softer, forgiving heart and stop all these dirty, shameful, lowdown acts.

I don’t know if the lies or the denials are more sickening.

8 thoughts on “’tis not about Anwar sex video, ’tis about something more sickening

  1. Common Sense.

    I am quite sure the video on the Youtube has been edited from the original:

    1) To remove any sensitive parts that will get it banned from Youtube.
    2) To make the teaser short.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out..

    I would like to also recommend you to go and research about thermography/IR camera so you will learn something about the “color” you mentioned before bothering making an amateur analysis.

    For a so called “video expert” who doesn’t even know the basic stuff, you sound more like a noob desperate for attention to me and I would recommend that you leave this to the real experts =P

  2. Of course I am a noob, with the ‘kepochee expert’ stated there. So why are you so excited about this in the first place?

  3. Mafia Wars, It’s already almost midnight. You should go to sleep now so you can wake up early for school tomorrow.

    Oh by the way, please tell your parents they need to teach you some menace. I guess parents these days are too busy with politics they forget to educate their children.

    Good night boy/girl! =D

  4. @Lilian Appreciate your “cool” analysis bringing out the point that the “man” somtimes look more like Anwar and sometimes look less; sometimes thin and sometimes flabby.
    @RandomDude Dunno whether you place yourself among the “real experts”. If you do, what is your “expert” opinion on what Lilian just said about two dissimilar “Anwars”? If not, you are also in the family of “noobs”. Have a good night’s rest, wake up early, don’t get too excited and respond. .

  5. Firstly, I detest Anwar and Najib. Both have bad agendas.

    Although I am Christian, I back DAP and PAS. PAS may be Islamic, but they at least try to enforce their moral code, or at least attempt to be seen doing this. DAP is at least better than the corrupt MCA.

    UMNO is totally morally bankrupt. Now hiding behind a certain slogan which we are all subjected to daily…… ;/

    Just my opinion.

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