And they asked ‘What would Jesus do?’

I just read someone wrote about the Alkitab issue and he asked what Jesus would do in this situation. The person is from Pemandu, a Catholic and someone who knows Idris Jala well. Well, I think I also want to ask the same question.

One of my blog has been bombarded with this issue because of a post I wrote many years ago about this. At that time, The Herald wasn’t allowed a printing licence unless they stopped the BM section or something. Then, they allowed but cannot use the A word.

The Herald went to court and won the case. But The Herald has graciously hold back after all the burning issues. And since then, The Herald has not been able to move forward with the original one. Like when quoting BM Bible verses, if the Bible used the word Allah, then Herald has to use Tuhan.

It is futile to argue because both sides are claiming the same god. The Bible has so many books that showed how brothers are fighting brothers. Though we are not fighting or anything, we are arguing who has the right to use the A word.

The sad thing is the A word has been used since the 1800s. There are evidences which were produced in court, the yellowed and torn Bible from the 1800s. And the government only disallowed it not many years ago.

Even sadder is how some folks have twisted it to the level where we Christians are displayed as the lost one. They made us like we are the evil folks who are out to convert others like how zombies eat brains…

People, we are not. We do not ‘steal’ your god. We had been using the Allah in the Alkitab since 1800s. We have no intention to convert you with a mere word.

Our God started with creation. Adam and Eve. Noah. Abraham. David, Solomon…all these names are familiar to you too. Mariam….You also have Isa in your book. But we have Him longer after that. Yes, you believe Isa died and that’s that. We believe Jesus resurrected.

At the end of it, both of us believe God loves us and want us back with Him. Whether it is our heavens or your heavens, we are sharing the same earth now.

So, why the animosities? We love you as much as you love us too. If you are ever in trouble, we are there for you and I am sure you will do that too.

Therefore, if you ask me, I will say Jesus will continue sitting down, doodling and waiting for people to learn to manage this issue on their own. Don’t me that ‘give your right cheek if you get slap on the left’ or the ‘give your tunic if they ask for (forget what)’ or the ‘Christians are forgiving people’ or ‘Give to Caesar what is Caesar’.

Jesus had walked into storms, not running away from it. Jesus had said ‘You of little faith’…Jesus had given our church leaders that faith, that courage He gave to Peter (or is it Simon? hmmm…) to keep walking. Jesus scolded His disciples many times… when they got scared and tried to run away…

So, don’t just dwell on the meek part of being Christians. We are talking about the Word of God. Not some money thing. In the beginning….remember the Gospel of John? It is not just a book, it is The Word of God. ‘Sebelum dunia ini diciptakan, Firman sudah ada. Firman itu bersama-sama Allah dan Firman itu sama dengan Allah. (Yohanes 1:1). Can you see the significant of these?

Markus 12:24 – Yesus menjawab, ‘Pendapat kamu salah sekali! Tahukah kamu apa sebabnya? Kamu tidak memahami Alkitab ataupun kuasa Allah. (In this part, Jesus told some people who asked Him about human relations on earth. He said when we died, we will be like angels, and not tied down to the husband/wife thingie anymore)

We are like this now. Those Christians who asked for the rules and regulations to be set down by Government instead of relying on their divine given wisdom, are just ignorant of the awesome Living God we have. Have patience, stay firm, learn to pray for our church leaders to have the courage, wisdom and patience to deal with our Government.

I pray for Bishop Ng and especially my own Catholic church leaders to have the ability to discern what is God and what is Government demand. At the end of it, at least we have tried. And we know when we do, Jesus is with us till the end of times.

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