If every woman listens to me, no one will get married

I was in the car with a girl yesterday. She has this tradition of getting married at a certain age. So, it is like the marriage clock is ticking away like a time bomb. Well, not exactly but I am a blogger so I have to be expressive to get your attention, right?

We were caught in a kickass jam that took our journey much longer than usual. In fact, I was already jammed in the car park, not able to get out.

So, this been-there, done-that older woman have plenty of ‘experiences’ to share with her. I told her not to rush into things because men cannot be trusted. Bwahahaha…that is like such wise words, ok?

Then, I launched into so many real examples. Now, I think she will have to think twice, thrice and maybe end up not ever.

But seriously, what I said is true. This morning, as I was caught in a jam near my son’s school? There is this couple who usually send their annoying, bullying kid to my son’s class. I can’t stand them cos the son is always pulling my boy’s bag, go near to his face and cough and such. Most days, the husband will put his arm around the wife’s shoulder and they would be strolling back to their car as I was going to mine.

There was this woman, she is fugly in the face. As in over make-up, very acne craters and such. But I could see the face as she was facing me. The man and his wife were coming out of the lorong and hence, saw this gorgeous woman from behind. She was wearing a pink pants which shows her panty line, a tight sleeveless shirt with part of her hips revealed.

And LOL, Mr. & Mrs. Annoying Parent who are usually so lovey-dovey broke my assumptions that if a couple is lovey-dovey walked arm on shoulder, the husband is probably very pious and good boy. But no……omg, the stupid man nosebleed with the image of a floating chick with long, brown hair, can see panty and hip and he actually turned his head so much just to stare.

Oh man…I tell you…if I am his wife, I would slap him, kick him down the monsoon drain and never talk to him ever. Anyway, all men do that. It is just how clever they camouflage those wolf stares. See? Again, men cant be trusted.

What other things did I tell my friend? I told her, the more loving a guy is, the more he tends to stray. So, I gave her two examples of ex-colleagues who are super-duper loving to their wives and yet, few years later, keeping mistresses.

Gee, I think I better stop before all the women refuse to give love a chance. I am then guilty of causing the world to end with no babies born. So, yeah, in a gist, men cannot be trusted. Don’t jump into any serious relationship until you are very sure. Don’t get married just for the sake of it, it is not worth the heartaches.

3 thoughts on “If every woman listens to me, no one will get married

  1. I remembered a Catholic priest telling the ladies in the congregation that women should not slack and continue to dress up for their husbands. He kept saying this is an important point that women should take note of. I wondered if he was speaking from his own experience of counselling those couples who were having marital problems.

  2. Nevermind, I can read coz I married liau. I fully agreed with you – if you are not too sure of the relationship, please don’t go and make yourself suffer. Who knows someone else will suffer together. If pregnant liau, the baby also suffer. Many said, not happy divorce lor. If like that, why married at the first place leh, right boh? Cari susah

  3. alamak…. now that I’ve read this post. I don’t dare to get married already. But I want to have a baby & a happy family.. =( *sobs. Men these days cannot be trusted, how now?

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