The things we see and the things we don’t


Can you spot a man in the above picture? No? Well, he sleeps in the same spot most of the mornings. This is the flyover near the Girl Guide at the junction of Jalan Masjid Negeri and Jalan Air Itam. I have to make a U-turn there every morning and sometimes, I do remember to look out for him.

I have thought of reporting this to the welfare department or YB Phee. It is just an sms away to YB and I probably get YB Phee to jump into action. For your information, he is the most friendly, helpful and efficient assemblyperson to me. But many times, I feel this man is probably happier cuddling in the little hole he dug in the earth.

I am sure he must have gone into shelter homes many times but he probably escaped. I decided to let him enjoy his freedom.


I have learnt that sometimes, it is best to leave people alone. Sometimes, we the better off ones, the more learned ones, think we are smarter, richer, know better and such. But sadly, it is not so.

Now, I decide to enjoy the sunrise each morning instead of thinking so much, so deep, so painful for that man.


You see, the world is always like that. There are poor folks, there are mad folks, there are bitter folks, there are lonely folks. I spent a couple of mornings in the poorer side of Penang. So many of the elderly people are struggling around. Frail, they still have to push themselves to find foods. Some forlorn looking ones sat down along the public paths and stare into nothingness.


Sunrise is so beautiful these few days. I just love looking at the big red sun at the dark, muddy sea horizon. Momentarily, I get mesmerized with it. How nice if I am not rushing to send my son to school but have the time to sit down and watch the sun goes up.


Well, it is not something I cannot do. But I didn’t do. I am not sure why. I guess when I have the luxury of doing nothing and staring at sun rising, I will be wishing I have something to do.


I guess God has blessed me with that ‘eye’ to see the bad along with the good. I feel for some of the people. I get angry when assemblymen and people in authorities just can’t go a mile further to alleviate the hardships of the poor. I cursed. I ranted. I lost faith in politicians who only want publicity but never really work hard enough.

By this, I do not mean one single person who is the assemblyman. I mean the whole bunch of people leeching on to this so-called politics. They are mostly good for nothing but leeches who just do it for the glamour, connection and whatever self-interests they have in them.

I get angry when they can’t even work in a team with other authorities to see that these people have a more comfortable life. Come on, how hard is it to listen, open their eyes and feel for others.

So, I suppose they just decide to close their eyes. It’s ok. But if they are politicians, they better be working a little bit harder. I now have a lot of time and I will make sure their ‘boss’ knows about it. Now that I have colleagues, I can spent more time doing those cj stuffs I used to do. And oh boy, if their ‘boss’ get the people lamenting about uncleared rubbishes, pigeons dropping several inches thick and other things, someone’s butt is gonna get grilled.

3 thoughts on “The things we see and the things we don’t

  1. We got see this man also but not sure if we want to report to welfare or not. Maybe he is not happy at the centre, so rather stay under the bridge. Lilian, if you got do any charity for the poor, remember to count us in. Love to help.
    Erina Law recently posted..Art Blog

  2. Sometimes I see crazy people in the streets and I oftentimes wonder what happened to them in the past that had pushed them to the state they are in. I pity these people because like myself, I know they have family members too, but where are their family members when they needed them most?

    But you’re right, Lilian, that we have to learn to look at the bright, and not-so-bright side of things. Otherwise there would be more crazy people in the streets!
    pelf recently posted..What’s the SCCS like

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