With red wine, whiskey and cheese cruising through my veins…

These few days, I have been contemplating writing a new ‘About Me’ page. I know I should have a more serious one if I intend to impress the potential advertisers and get them to engage me as one of the bloggers. For your information, writing advertorials pay good money but I am such a bad ass. I hate putting on a facade to impress those marketing and promotion people. After all, they are just like me. So, I do not care if they like me enough to pay me a few thousand ringgits to get me to sing their song or not. Really…I will never sell my soul that way.

It is the same way that I will never sell my soul to sing good tunes only. I work pretty much independent. Just a while ago, I posted a link from TIME magazine regarding Penang. I usually read through and try to find the best to describe something. Whether it is my video or an article from media, I try to ‘feel’ and guess the catman’s mind. (catman is the CM lah). So, I posted something about ‘we’ve worked our butts off’ which is a quote from the article. I sat there and think and weigh the matter. I could put a boring title of the article. I could boast about the figures and numbers.

But I just had to post that quote because it sums up everything. So, I did. I pressed the Send button and voila, few minutes later, someone posted the same article but he dare not use the same quote.

So, I was like, OMG, did I go overboard?

I have to face this dilemma all the time. I picked a video title from the catman’s quote. I post the video (or my colleague will do it). Then, I regret using it. But with videos, we cannot amend or change anymore because that takes a lot of processes and time.

I suppose this is the price I have to pay. Find the courage to just close the eyes, click the Send button and face the music if I screwed up. After all, I don’t rely on the money for survival. I do it because I believe.

Anyway, back to my About Me page. Advertisers do read my ‘About Me’ page and I am so obnoxious. I am thinking of writing a new one.

Maybe I will pretend that I am such a good person, so eloquent and diplomatic, I will woo all potential clients to hire me to be their blogger. Local companies are now targetting blogs and online advertising because they know that their page remains for a long time. They know that people will reach for the internet and Google search if they need something.

Who needs newspapers that become the nasi lemak bungkus wrapper the next day? They want something that stays online and remain there when people search. So, that’s why I have something to fall back on. I can afford to work or not to work. So, I can afford to put my head on the table and give my best. What most others do not possess is my guts.

These days it has been hard. People are very demanding. They want things fast. That means I have to work fast, write fast and post fast. What they do not know is how risky it is to do that thing call work. One wrong description, one wrong number and I am screwed.

So, I had a good me-time just now. I had cheese, wine and whiskey. It gives me time to think. Is this worth it? Is it worth the pressure? Do you know how pressure it is to be limited to 140 characters (mind you, it is not 140 words but characters. It is usually only one sentence long.)? Do you know how freaky it is to make sure that I am doubly, triply and quadrupoley (there is no such word, ok?) right before I hit the Send button?

I guess not many will understand. But I guess I have guts like a thousand hairy sea rambutans so I shall face it.

Red wine, cheese and whiskey don’t give me any high. So, bleh, my original title was suppose to talk about how cool it is to be high. But blek, no feel. I am too seasoned. Maybe the only results of red wine, whiskey and cheese is foul smelling farts tomorrow.