The mandatory Good Friday post

I wrote a Good Friday reflections every year. Last year was 7 years and counting.

This year, it is going to be 8 years.

I think there is nothing good about Good Friday. It is the day we remember how Jesus died on the cross. It is suppose to be a sad Friday.

The only thing good about Good Friday is I can eat meat every day, every meal, every hour when it is over.

I did not keep a very strict vegetarian meals this year. But I did try and I guess Jesus is already proud of me. I started with full vegetarian meals, then, I slacked to vegetarians plus fishes. After that, the crabs and the prawns called out to me, “Lilian, Lilian, why are you discriminating against us? We are seafoods too….”

So, not wanting to make the squids, crabs, huge prawns sad, I ate them.

After that, in the last 49 days or so, I gave myself some breathers. I ate meat on Sundays. Then, it becomes even more ‘convenient’. I ate whatever my eldest son wants to eat on his day’s off. He gets only one day out of seven days off. So, on that day, we will eat whatever family dinner he missed.

I am such a good, supportive mother, so Jesus probably said, “Don’t worry Lilian, eat all you want, not that I care…your son and family is more important.”

So, tralalalalala….it is finally over. Easter is coming, we Christians rejoice. It is a big thing, much bigger than Christmas. Easter is soooo important for us.

For God so loved the whole wide world, He gave his only begotten Son and whoever believes in Him, shall live and never die. (or something like this). So, it is the day we are washed clean and live again.

Talking about son, my eldest son is going to be 21 years old on Tuesday. It is a big deal to be 21 years old. He can vote! I am dragging him to register as voter. Or maybe it is the other way round? I drag a DAP voter registration chap to come get my son to register.

Phweet, Air Putih Adun, you got a new supporter!

So, yeah, Good Friday. I am not sure where what how when why who bla bla bla the day is going to turn out. I am supposed to go somewhere but we cannot decide so we shall see when I next log in. It could be Thailand, Cameron or wateva.

To all my brothers and sisters in Christ, Blessed Easter. May God bless you!

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  1. Blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter, Lilian.

    Air Putih? You stayed in Balik Pulau now?

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