So here I am. In a city north of Malaysia, where sex can be traded for a few bucks. I am not sure how much cos I don’t mix around with that circke anymore.

Long long time ago, when I was a clerk working in OE-Design, our company used to sponsor the goldsmiths to Hatyai a lot. Those skilled goldsmiths take it as their past-time and tension reliever to have a kai or two the moment they got off the bus.

They usually arrived early so the liu (cargoes/stocks) are fresh, i.e. the better looking chicks are waiting.

Frankly, being exposed to such lifestyle at the young age of 18-21 years old, I am not one bit shocked or disgusted. After all those goldsmiths colleagues of mine are singles or unbashful to admit they do it just for fun.

Morever they behave well in the company and take those trips only when they could afford it. The other thing is, when you are at that young age like me, you tend to see those prostitutes as another alien from another world. Good girls like you and I arent like them. So, we sort of distance self and took Hatyai as a food and shopping trip.

But, at 46, I see the world in different light. I see a failed government where they cant find better options for the women folks. I see women caught in a state of helplessness and poverty. Otherwise, no sane women will want to go near those fugly looking, fat, horny old men.

I am a woman and I feel their disgust. I am pretty sure they would rather be behind the cashier counter in 7-11 than be in bed with those fugly old men. But I supposed the women folks here have a raw deal.

As for the male clients here, I do wonder what their fanilies think? I am pretty sure not all the customers are single. I am very sure many will have wife and children back home. And also grnadchildren.

That is always a mystery to me. Do you find men who seek prostitutes more repugnant than one who keeps personal friends? I think the latter is more disgusting because it is a whole lot more to betrayal as one involves into emotional and sexual betrayals. I am not saying that it is ok to seek a paid service. Both are equally bad. But it is worse when long term affairs are kept hidden.

Anyway….i sat at the lobby for a while just now. I see the males customers getting in and out of lifts. I guess I will cause a lot of expose if I had used my iPhone to be the CCTV. So, moral of the story, dont fool around if you cannot afford to be seen with your hairy palm on the butt of a miniskirt girl.