Waiting with excitement for our family photos

Last week, we had our family photo taken at Sors Bridal Studio. Both Opalyn and Steven who are owners of Sors are my media friends. They have opened a bridal house in Penang recently. Opalyn asked me if I want to have my family photo taken by Steven. Of course! I know Steven when I was part-timing as photographer and videographer and he was the professional photographer from one of the English media.

So, I bought my two younger boys some white shirts and off we went to Butterworth where their studio is. Steven is now one of the penang wedding photographer and I must say wedding photos taken by him are rather refreshing.

You know lah, so many of the wedding pictures are usually taken from the same studio and you can immediately say, “hah, this Ah Hwa photo was taken at the same place as Ah Kee and Ah Heok” and so on and so on.

Being new and having been in the media, I guess Steven is not so traditional in capturing wedding photos. He dares to be different.

For example, with our family photos, I actually find some ideas from Google images as I do not want the usual family style photographs where the father sat on those ornate looking wooden chair with intricate design like those kings and governors sit. I do not want to stand behind like those ‘behind a successful man bla bla bla’ pose.

family photo

So I got this pose done. The above photo is of course taken with my iPhone4 by Opalyn. It is just random shots but I love it sooo much.

Now I am excited about looking at the real photos taken by Steven. I have unbashfully asked Opalyn and Steven to make me look like I am NOT taking pictures with my sons. Initially, hubby refused to join our corny photo session. Corny is his own perception. But he was also drawn to it when we were doing crazy poses and he joined us.

family picture

My boys had a lot of fun because they got to tickle each other, make pyramid poses and more. Again, the above was a quick shot with my iPhone just to capture the mood. So ignore the grainy finishing. These are just prelude to fabulous shots…

It is really precious to have family photos taken at some random time and not limited to those graduation, engagement and other special occasions because we are less tense, have a relax and enjoyable time to just act silly and trust the professional wedding photographer will know his job and give us our best shots. You can view some of the photos on their Facebook.

I am supposed to pick up the photos but I had been away the last four days. So, hope to pick up the photos this week and admire self because I am now a mom to an adult son.

Today is my eldest son’s birthday. He is 21 years old. And I am happy I don’t look too old for a mom to an adult child. Heh, the credit goes to the make-up artist at Sors Bridal and of course, Steven perfect lighting plus my expensive iPhone4 camera in HD quality.

Sors package starts from RM98 and can go up to a few hundreds, depending on your choice. They are running a contest for Ms Photogenic and Opalyn asked me to join as well. Of course, I didn’t join lah. I want to give chance to those single girls mah…..Bwahahaha

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