A sweet discovery that is not so sweet

Many parents, including me find it hard to keep our children within the ideal weight chart. I have one son who was always underweight. And there are three who are overweight at different stages in their growing up years.

Luckily they do grow taller and did not continue being overweight as they reach their teens. In this age where the media constantly blasts about being perfect and all that, it is hard for children to cope.

Then, let’s not forget about the health side which is of greater concern. We sometimes overlooked the cause of being overweight. We also may not realized the added sugars is hidden under carbo within the foods label we deemed healthy.

Take for example, most of us probably encouraged our children to drink a lot of milk with the assumption that milk is good and healthy. We probably did not know that the milk we had been feeding our kids have lots of added sugars. Though they may sometimes come in sweet, innocent common names of added sugars like Corn Syrup Solid, Sucrose & Glucose Syrup Solid.

I just bumped in my kid’s paediatrician on Saturday after a long time since I brought my boy to consult him in the clinic. Lucky my boy has always been healthy and therefore, we do not see the doc that often. So, he was rather surprised to note that my boy is bigger than the rest of my brood as the older boys were once his patients too. He made the hands gesture indicating he is roundish.

Oh dear, now that gives me a lot to think about. Maybe it is because the children growing up milk he drank previously contained a lof of added sugars. But he loves to eat and it is hard to deny him foods. As children growing up milk is an important source of essential nutrients for growth, as parents, we have to be able to discern what is essential and what are unnecessary added sugars in the milk. My boy was like a milk cow, always downing glasses of milk because he loves it.

Last time, I do not know there are Children growing up milk with no added sugars. Now it is too late because what I can do is to make sure he gets more exercise.

So, parents, do learn more about Non added sugar products so that you do not unknowingly cause your child to take more sugar than he needs. Those sugars will convert to fats. Fats are hard to get rid off.

I have a good website to calculate the sugar contents in foods. You can check out http://www.semakgula.com.my and learn more. You may be shocked to know how many teaspoons of sugar are added to some growing up milk that cause children to be hyper-active and added on unwanted pounds.