The Mother’s Days that passed by

One great thing about having a blog is I get to recollect all the days gone by. I love reading my old posts because I wrote down all the details that matter.

It is Mother’s Day and I want to remember what were the special highlights I had in these last few years. So, let me share them with you.

In 2007, I was compare with Borat’s mom:

BTW, my 10 years old just compared me to Borat’s mom. Cilaka. You know…the part where Borat introduced his mom?
She is the oldest (prostitute) in the village. She is 43?
So, yesterday I spent over RM200 on some vitamins and my kid asked me what are those for. I told him, To keep me young.
My other son said, “Mom, I think you picked up the wrong baby from the hospital. You want me to whack his head on your behalf?”
HAHAHHAHA…..I love my family.

In 2008, I cried over mothers like these :

Can we pray for these mothers?
1) Mothers who are abandoned by their children;
2) Women who are longing for children;
3) Mothers whose children have returned to the Lord; (I have friends who dreaded this day because they are parents but no longer have their kid. My prayers for you, Dr. D)
4) and mothers who are battling illness and are rendered helpless in taking care of their kids (when I see someone in her wheelchair with her four kids, it always break my heart)

In 2009, I messed up my mascara because I finally found a priest who cared enough about the prayers I asked for the group of mothers.

Sadly, some priest will just tell me off before I can even finished my sentence. They will tell me, “Don’t worry…when I say we pray for all mothers, it covers everyone.” Yeah right….do you actually know the feelings inside them? I have friends who had only one child and when that child died, Mother’s Day become a nightmare for them.
So…this morning, I didn’t think much about the requests I made year after year. I have sort of given up. Let it be…I don’t care anymore.
But wham….during mass Father Fab had a Litany (frankly, I don’t know what is litany but it is a prayer or something like that). And he included all the different groups of mothers. Mothers of the past, i.e. our deceased mothers. Mothers like me. Mothers to be. Mothers who was once a mother but their children are no more with them. Mothers in spirit, i.e. those women who are childless.

Now I remember that last year, on Mother’s Day, I was struggling with the decision of whether I want to go back to work or remain a full time mom. Although I didn’t reveal it on my blog post last year, I now recall it. I was offered a full-time job doing what I was doing as a citizen journalist. Note the word ‘offered’. I didn’t apply for the job, I was head hunted cos I am so good, ok? Kekekeke *the obnoxious self and the horns rearing its head*

I am blessed with an understanding lady boss and a bigger boss whom I have no qualms to state that I will only work if it the schedules fit me. And thank God, I had several months of transition because initially, they have no place for me to sit. It took a long time for the new office to be ready. After it was ready, I still didn’t go to work full time because for my job, there is no need to settle in an office as I can work from anywhere.

But finally in March this year, I spent more time in the office because besides my job spec, there are more things to handle. Now, in May 2011, I can finally say that I have evolved from working mom to full time mom and back to working mom.

God has richly blessed me with money when I need it (when I was full time mom, full time blogger) , time to take care of my sick kid, Vincent without worrying about work and now, back to working on something I believe in. I work for a purpose and that makes it a mission rather than work.

At 46, with 4 grown up kids, Mother’s Day doesn’t mean a thing to me because it is a special day everyday when you learn to appreciate life. But of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t fuss about it. I was asking my little boy, “Where is my Mother’s Day card? Faster give!” He said, “What? Today is not Mother’s Day yet, wait tomorrow lah.”

And I have been telling people, read the Star tomorrow!

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  1. Everyday is a Happy Mother’s Day to me when I see the kids grow up happily. Same to Delwin, yesterday when Lawrence ask him to say Happy Mother’s Day, he just ignore it. Today, early morning he came to me and say “happy mother’s day…………..” follow with a kiss. Doh, who is sampat now? Me or him?
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