Ahem and Amen

Whenever I have very early morning lector’s duty, my greatest fear is the loose phlegm that somehow appears mysteriously when I start to open my mouth at 6.45 am in the morning. By now, after so many years of reading the Bible, I have sort of become calm and collected. I can remind myself to breathe, Lilian, breathe. I have learned to tell myself, Slow Lilian, Slow. I used to have a habit of reading too fast and forgetting to breathe at the fullstops.

So, this morning, I have my duty. And I almost broke into laughter because when I was supposed to say Amen, I go ‘ahem’ to clear my throat.

It is kinda of funny, really.

My Catholic Amen is pronounced ayyy-man.

But when I went to the Anglican church this morning, their Amen is Ah-mern.

Still, I like to jot down that I joined the Anglicans in two worship session. We Catholics call ours ‘celebrate mass’. We Catholics believe in Jesus transforming into the body and blood of Christ. That’s why our Holy Communion is only for practicising Catholics, i.e. those who believed that Jesus is transformed, He is Risen and the little white wafer is the Body and Blood of Christ. Hence, it takes a rather strict ritual to partake in the communion.

Anyway, this Sunday morning, I attended a Catholic mass because I am on duty. Then, I was supposed to drop by another event but I couldn’t find a parking nearby. So, I decided to move on to the Anglican church since I have another colleague covering the other function.

I arrived early and decided to run into the church to enjoy the aircond. Before I even managed to sit down properly, I was told by someone that I cannot take photos and if I really must do it, I cannot use a flash. Aiyor, I wasn’t even going to do that as I was about to keep my camera (which I was using outside the church earlier).

I know they are having communion and I didn’t enter the church until some parishioners opened the door so I scoot in. So, I beh shiok already lor. You know..kena marah before I even have a chance to breathe.

I was like, ‘Yerrr….at least welcome me and let me have a chance to explain. Belum got chance to say I am a Christian and I am actually keeping my camera, already kena so long lecture.’


Anyway, I was very curious to see how their communion is. They actually have to kneel before they receive the wafer and everyone gets a dip of the wine. So nice, eh? In our church, I only get to smell the wine which the priest breathe hahahaha.

Their worship ended. And later on, another one begins. However, this one is a praise and worship. I am supposed to cover the second worship because big big boss attended church today.

Cool man, their style is so different from ours. They have these expat students and teachers who blow trumpets, play organs, guitars and etc and they sing those American worship songs. I like it so much.

After that, they have a testimony session. I was like wow….good…they Anglicans get to share and talk. Our Catholics only go head and shoulder knee and toes and listen to our priests preach. If anyone talk, we will glare, cubit and scowl hahahaha.

Big Big Boss was asked to share too. And like all efficient staff, I whipped out my video camera and recorded what he said. Cannot afford to have some newspapers twist his words, right? What he shared is kinda touching. He talked about Psalm 23, his stay in ISA and the part I like best is ‘in the silence of the four walls, I could almost hear the heartbeat of the insects’. I have read about his cockroaches and ants tale so I could almost believe him. Of course, you can never believe politicians too much, you know? (and no, you wont get to see these sort of videos, I don’t need people twisting things).

After testimony session, the padre gave his sermon. I was having difficulties calling their archdeacon. I stood there and listened what others call him cos I wasn’t sure he is a father like our church Fathers or Reverend or what. They call him Padre, so I also greeted him as Padre.

And that concludes the Sunday morning where I attended 3 mass and worship, in 2 churches and learned more about Christianity.

I could feel how Awesome God is. I was that lost headless chicken once. But this morning, I sat there and wonder how I had the chance to talk and interview, wrote articles and made videos about their Anglican church Bishops. Really, it is surreal. I had dissected so many of the Christian issues (from the firebombs, red paint and etc issues) and seek out their Bishops and had written articles which are on international online news site. I know only Jesus could have done that for me. I am richly blessed. Though I was the woman with only 60 sen, which is all the money I had with me this morning, I know God is smiling at my truthfulness. Oh how nervous I was in putting in one 50 sen coin and one 10 sen coin in their tithe! That is something I won’t forget.

2 thoughts on “Ahem and Amen

  1. You should have only put in the 50 coin lah. Not afraid the two coins would make “ting–ting” sound in the tithe meh? Anyway, you have also become the woman who gave all she had to God, Ahem. lol.

  2. Hmm, I think I have said you must be “reborn” lah Lilian (last 1-2 years). Now you go Aglican, next time you try a AOG church like FGA etc, then you ask the pastor to lead you inti “sinner’s prayer” I guarantee you then you will not only be talking with God, he will speak “clearly” to you thru the Holy Spirit. God is not ritual lah Lilian. No need to analyse how kneel, how take communion, what must read, how stand, what next etc etc. Believe me, you won’t know the joy of a relationship with God till you are “reborn” . Give it a try. HS will even give you gifts of revelation, vision, dreams , etc and you can “feel” Jesus next to you and thru your spirit, you will know what he;s saying to you etc. What a joy. Don’t wait till you go heaven to enjoy this!

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