Bigger car, lesser stress

Over the last two months, we have been driving around Malaysia and even go as far as Phuket in Thailand. Driving holiday is indeed an adventure when we venture to places we have never been before. Since my kids were babies, we have been taking them in car trips and they have never make a fuss at all.

The important things are to make sure that they have plenty of space for their favourite soft toys and spaces in between them. Kids tend to fight when they are cram in small spaces.

Nowadays, all my kids are grown up and I don’t have to deal with squabbling kids at the passenger seats anymore. In fact, now my two olders boy do not even have the luxury of time to follow us on family trips anymore. The eldest son is working whilst the second son is busy with college.

Thinking back, we are glad that we did buy that 7-seater because it has taken all six of us to many destinations and we have such wonderful family bonding. Road trips are excellent opportunities to chat with the kids. Young families ought to have that proper planning like us.

That’s why I was suggesting to my niece to get herself a seven seater MPV now that she has two kids.

When the two car seats are secured to the backseat of her car, there is no more place for anyone to sit. Her father-in-law will have to cramp in between the two car seats and that is rather uncomfortable.

Moreover, my niece lives in KL and she often comes back to Penang where my sister, her mom lives. So, all these long distance travel has proven to be rather tiring for this young family. A seven seater car will gives ample space for her to put all the kids’ toys, clothes, foods and baby pram.

Sometimes, when we have only one baby, we do not feel the need for a bigger car. But it is wise to plan forward because addition to the family may arrive in a year or two for most families. When we have two kids, it is hard to cram into a sedan car because of all the things we have to bring along for both kids.

Usually, a car may last us like for more than five years and we definitely do not have enough space if we have other members of the families like father-in-law, mother-in-law and most times, a helper as well.

Our current car is over 8 years old and the road handling is not so good anymore. When we go on bumpy or winding road, sometimes, the kids at the back will feel woozy and at times, ended up puking because of the unstable ride.

For example, a recent trip to Genting saw us stopping midway twice because the youngest boy felt sick due to motion sickness. We had to allow him to rest before we managed to reach the top.

Hubby is suggesting we change to a 7-seater with decent price. We definitely can’t do without a 7-seater car because there are 6 of us. So, my niece is asking me which car would I choose if we are changing a new one. She also wants to look for one to cater to her growing family as well.

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  1. what Ah Beng & William has suggested might get the hounds to attack you unnecessarily !

    ps hope you know who are the hounds especially when you write nice things about the CM ….

  2. Hi Lilian , u look familiar to me … recently did u go to dataran sunway, kota damansara area ???

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