Either my life has turned very boring or I am very secretive

I bought a new DSLR camera yesterday. My old one is spoilt and it costs RM456 to repair. I actually have a very good Olympus PEN but I have three Nikon original lens so I have to have a Nikon camera or those lens which cost over RM5K will be redundant.

I booked a trip to Bali during the school holidays because I have always wanted to go to Bali. It is so beautiful with paddy fields, sunsets, beaches, nice looking temples and all those culture. Hubby said, “Where I worked (Kulim) we have plenty of sawah padi also lah, you want Hindu temples, also plenty around, why Bali?” I told him, “You want to go or not? If not, I just book three tickets and I go alone with the two (younger) kids.” That ought to make him quiet and tag along.

I go to work and clock in before 8 am every morning. Unless I am held up by kiasu parents on rainy days or my kid decided he wants to pangsai before school. Somedays, I am so early I dare not punch in, go into the office before the others do. Colleagues have said they ‘heard noises’ and ‘felt strange things’. We had doa selamat, black pepper ‘cleansing’ and I suppose no one wants to disturb me because I have Bible verses in cute containers on my desk. Still, I swear that I heard whistling and paper rustling noises the other day when I was alone. I don’t get goosebumps so I suppose they are just ‘visitors’.

Apart from that, there isn’t much I can write. Because now I have to be sure I didn’t say anything wrong. Damn, I don’t like this. It is no fun to be a blogger and not get to have a loose canon mouth.

That’s what make blogs interesting. That we spew whatever and whenever about whoever and whichever without worrying about the however and whyever. Ok, there is no such word as whyever.

Now, all I can write is I look forward to June. I am taking a few days leave to visit Bali, a place I have never been but heard so much about. My two journalist friends just asked me, “Are you going to see Ketut?” Ketut is that Indonesian man who is in the Eat, Pray, Love. One Catholic friend said, “Why…why you need to see a fortune teller?” The other Catholic friend said, “Trust me, she will see Ketut and then, rant how off the course he is.” Well, will I trust a fortune teller like Ketut? Of course not! Unless he wants to see me, and demands that I visit him. You know…me being such a widely known blogger, Ketut will get more publicity from me than I from him.

Talking about bloggers, I am utterly pissed with DIGI for calling us over 40s bloggers as ‘over the hill’. Blardy DIGI, I regret I subscribe to you. How dare you call me over the hill? Curse you! May your DIGI Yellow Man get jaundice and turned so thin, you are no longer able to follow anyone. Hrrmmpph…but go vote for me anyway. I don’t know who nominated or entered my name to the silly competition but I still want you and you and you to go vote for me. I hate it if my numbers are low. Go on, go vote and Like me. Bwahahaha…DIGI kena my curse, the site is down now. Http error 503, wateva that means.

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  1. Tks Fooman – Actually I have Konica-Minolta lens too but the adapter costs RM350 so I forget it and bought a Nikon D5100

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