The morning I had breakfast at Teo Chew prostitutes road

This is terrible. I used to be a food blogger and all I did then was to take pictures of the foods and I am done. Now, I am a food blogger, some kepochee video journalist cum photographer and a staff in the information department (though I prefer to call it communications division).

So, now I not only take picture of the foods I eat, I check if there is any wrong or right with the place. I also try to go beyond the ‘look, this is my koay teow, my koay teow is tasty’ post.

So, this morning I was terribly early for work. So, I had some breakfast so that I do not mengular for pekena kopi like the tradition up in rapunzel tower. You know…I am still amuse that when I clock in at 8 am, droves of staffs are going out for their breakfast.


But as I was getting into my car, this sign caught my eyes. Teo Chew prostitutes Road. Now only I learn that miu is actually prostitutes and not little sister only. So, I took out my camera and started snapping photos. For a long while, I was mesmerized…Here is where Lord Kimberly was in the 1800s, and he probably like Chiu Chau girls. People did say that Teo Chew girls are much feminine, prettier and charming. Compared to us Hainanese women who are supposed to be darker, rougher and have typhoon because Hainan is a tropical island while Chiu Chau is in northern China.


Don’t you just love Penang where we have all these heritage flowing in our drains, our roads, the blood of our Penangites and everything? This uncle who sells lorbak outside Seng Thor Kopitiam is a heritage. A living heritage.


I don’t know lah, but I just love Penang. I am not a heritage person though, always try to avoid any of their events because it is dead boring when a bunch of heritage lovers flock together. Once they started talking, they cannot stop one.


Anyway, I was there to eat koay teow thng.


And because of Lord Kimberley, the Earl or something, I was three minutes late. But I guess it is a good three minutes wasted because the moment of standing under the road sign, imagine Lord Kimberley with two Chiu Chau Miu (or is it Mui) is priceless.

Now, all of you who read this also know that we have streets here in Penang which used to be the red light area. Can you imagine Lin Dai songs playing in the air while the gwailoes frequented the brothels?