DIGI…you want me to smack you izzit?????

How dare you say I over the hill? You want me to unsubscribe my DIGI line and curse your DIGI Yellow Man kena jaundice and become thin thin sampai tak larat nak Follow You izzit????

Nay..this is what DIGI said about people over 40s.

Who said it’s no fun being ‘over the hill’? With age comes and endless supply of wisdom & wit! Submit your nomination or make a vote!

By the way, DIGI, those links on your DiGi WWWOW Awards are all spammy, commercial links lah. Please get them off because commercial links do not deserve space in competitions. Don’t lah let them leech off your link for their own advertisements. Rugi, wei.

Anyway, folks if you have a Facebook account, go vote for me at DiGi. I beh shiok see those tuition links, sell will links lah, all stand side by side with me. I don’t know who go put my blog there but I noticed the incoming links from DiGi a few days ago so I found out it was there. Blek, DiGi, listen to me, get those commercial site links off.

One thought on “DIGI…you want me to smack you izzit?????

  1. In your face DIGI…..

    Yes…take off the advert….don’t insult your own intelligence!!!

    Obnoxious Mom….I’ve just voted for you….:)
    Vigro recently posted..SUFFER THE EAR

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