Recently, there are lots of stories from those Malaysians whom had migrated overseas. And there are equally many who didn’t migrate and wrote in to online news site why they stay in Malaysia.

Let me tell you lah, I find those who had moved overseas such a pain in the arse. You know why? Cos they are a bloody bunch of people whom had abandoned ship and then, try to talk patriotic why they had to do it. As if someone held a gun to their head and kick them out.

Please la…if you have moved out, just get out and shut up. Don’t talk like our country is such a dumps. It is not. It is still a lovely country. You moved because of your selfish reasons. Enuff said.

Firstly, when a person or a family moved out, they are bound to leave their aged parents behind. Many filial sons won’t do that. Never in our minds, i.e. my husband or my mind would think of leaving our aged mothers to move to greener pastures. It is just wrong. Don’t fool yourself with ‘never mind, my mother will fly to Canada for a few months in a year to enjoy the weather’. You are just escaping…

Next, you have to be blardy rich or blardy educated (in most case, it is because you are blardy rich) to be able to do that. You think all those gwailoes will want you to squat in their countries if you are not skilled or have tonnes of money to invest? So, don’t talk like every single Malaysians can opt to migrate and make the rest of us who stayed back like we are fools for not abandoning ship.

Then, there are those who think ‘ang moh sai eh ciak’ (english shits is edible, i.e. a sense of idolising caucasians) and kept praising how good England is, how good Australia is etc etc. Please lah, our politicians are shits but so are all politicians in the world. Just because you idolise them, you are blinded to their imperfections.

Another group is the parents who migrated for the ‘future of their children’. We did think of doing that at one stage in our lives. We were keen on seeing all our children having better education in Australia. But what held us back is whether it is fair to uproot our grown children from their familiar environment here for the sake of education? What about their friends and the sense of belonging here? We didn’t want to end up with rebellious teens who have problem adjusting. What good is good education when the children aren’t happy in a new country?

Like to admit or not, if we are in foreign land, we are second-class. We are Asians. Asians don’t have very good image there. Asian porn is like second class porn. Asians are sometimes mistook for being terrorists. Asians are those noisy Chinamen portrayed in kungfu movies. So, get real…fool yourself but there is no place like home here in Malaysia.

You can whine and whine about how discrimination exists here in our country if your skin colour is too pale or too dark. But look at yourself, aren’t you capable of working harder for a better life? Our ancestors from China and India did that, so why can’t we when we have better opportunities than them?

You think it is smart to abandon ship and when you are away in a foreign country, you curse the PM, curse the Tun M, curse the exam SPM and a 100 other M you can find just to justify why you abandon ship. But…we know, you did it because for selfish reasons. Nicer weather, higher standard of living, far away from the in-laws, lesser haram-halal restrictions etc etc…But the fact is, you left your country which you could have contributed your expertise to. You want a way out for your selfish needs.

So, stop all those letter like ‘oh I am so poor, my country treats me badly, so I have no choice but to leave’. Go play far-far and stop complaining now that you are out. We will stay here and make the best of what we have and work harder to make it even better. Sekian, terima kasih.