The ‘Facebook’ at home

Nowadays, we have a whyteboard at home where my sons and I will scribble messages for each other. We are like very busy people who sometimes have no time to talk to each other. At times, we leave messages on our real Facebook accounts. At times, this is our method of communication.


Do you notice both sons and I have awful handwritings? Wonder why they take after me and not my hubby’s whose writings is nice?

We have a bigger whyteboard in the office. It is where we write out assignments for the day. Now, I am tune to look at the board whenever I enter my home or my office.


I am in the mood to prepare dinner today. I fry some ‘Indian flavour’ sayur bayam with tumeric, mustard seeds, garam masala and milk. I also added cili padi, curry leaves and that make up the ‘Indian curry flavour’.


It is so easy to just dish up some home cooked meals after work because work is pretty laid back these few days. It is like the first time in a year that I finally get to sit down and do writing works. All these months, I had been running around as the videographer. Thank God for the breather. I enjoyed the large prawns steamed with egg white, ginger and Chinese rice wine.


Today, I have officially worked for a complete year. In fact, my contract is being renewed. I am lucky because I managed to slid into the work routine at my own pace. Perfect timing too. Oh ya, that’s the plum sauce dish I cooked.

I bet many are confused with the one minute food, one minute work post. Get used to it. My blog is like that. If you are new here and have your opinions, please bugger off, you are not welcome. In this blog, no one dictates what I write and you do not have your own opinions to impose upon me. It is always me who imposed it upon you. Don’t like it, get lost. Ta ta


I boiled some ‘sharksfin melon’ soup and it is so comforting drinking it. Sharksfin melon has some woody flavour and added with some dried oysters and Chinese rice wine, it tastes lovely. You can find the recipe for sharksfin melon soup here.

I probably won’t have time to blog for the next few days. Tomorrow, I will have some post that must be remained on top for two days. Then, I will be in KL on Saturday for some Proton event. After that, on Sunday, I am flying off to Bali till Wednesday. So, if I don’t write again, and you find no excuse to find fault with me, go read my old blog posts.