An Exora Weekend

I was asked if I want to try out a Proton Exora for a few days because I was talking about exploring 7-seater cars suitable for young families and also for people like me who wants a car that sits seven persons and yet, not too big.

So, I was given an Exora for a weekend. My family took the car to Ipoh for a test drive because we wanted to take the children to spend some time with nature. The Exora does look sleek and doesn’t give me that army tank feel which I dread in large cars. It has comfortable ride because the car is not high but feel like regular sedan cars height.

The car comes with a video, which my children were thrilled. The space and video occupied them throughout the journey from Penang to Ipoh.

After the two of them were nicely belted up, we start our journey with my hubby behind the wheels. First, I ask the two kids at the back to be the critique.

I asked them what they like about the car and if it is comfortable. My son David said it a smoother and quieter ride without the ‘swing’ he is so familiar with in some car.

(this is my niece with her baby and toddler)

The Exora does look like a good option for families with young children too because of the attractive price.

My hubby said it is definitely a good choice because for cars in that price range, it does offer the space much needed by those families like my niece who needs a car spacious enough for the prams, baby car seats and can seat the extra persons like the in-laws.

Meanwhile, my boys are excited that they can each ‘jom’ a seat each and enjoy their own private space. One feature I notice in the car is the slot by the side of each door for us to keep our water bottles.

There are a couple more in between the seats. These little extras usually make long drive much more pleasant because we have the comfort of neat spaces.

We reached Ipoh and the kids have a good time feeding kois, birds watching, jungle walking and swimming.

After the exciting spent at the water park, both kids were tired out and immediately fell asleep on the way back.

The foldable seats which rotate as well gives several options for those with kids to get the most comfortable ride they choose.

My little boy who had a nice slumber at the back of car, woke up and asked me when we reached Penang, “Mom, is this car ours? Can we have it because I like it.”

As it was just a day trip, we didn’t put a lot of things in the boot. For the size, I suppose there are enough space for everyone’s luggage had it been a longer trip. The seats of the Exora can be converted into several position so if you have large boxes or wish to buy some small furnitures, these can be easily fit into Exora as well.

My eldest son who also took the car for a drive agreed with hubby that the Exora is worth a second look. If you are also interested, you can register for a VIP Test Drive Session at

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  1. If you ever decide on an Exora, we’d support your decision :). We had ours since early last year… no regrets. Fuel comsumption is so-so… we now average about 12L/100km. If you’re considering a more powerful engine, the Kia/Naza Rondo could be an option… it was our 2nd choice, but we found the 2nd row seat movement rather odd. We blogged about our choice here and here.

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