A very ‘mom-sie’ post

Two weeks of school holidays, two weeks of bliss. But it is back to school again tomorrow.

‘School is very depressing,’ my very eloquent, smart eight years old said.

‘Sad face…’ such is the language of kids who grow up in the Youtube and social media age. It denotes 🙁


Frankly, I agree with him. School is indeed depressing with its unearthly hour of waking up, faulty ceiling fans, uncomfortable chairs, bad canteen foods, overcrowded classrooms, extremely dirty toilets and weird kids. Let’s not mention the sometime weird teachers too.


But everyone has to go through the school of hardknocks, I suppose. So, like it or not, it is back to school. Not that we can afford those darn expensive expat international schools, anyway.

Last week, we went to Bali. Just four of us, i.e. only with the two younger kids because the older ones were either busy with college or work. Bali is not exactly their type of adventure. I ended up with two grumpy kids who hate the endless temples visit. And it was just day one. So, to appease them, we decided to stay put in Ubud where they can do nothing but swimming in the pool or rolling in bed.


Sights like these paddy fields do not thrill kids, I forget. I should have left them at home while I go to Bali alone. Imagine the amount of money I saved and the kind of tours I could join? I love the green terrace, the laidback lifestyle and the temples.


While I am going ga-ga over the picture perfect temples, my little boy is whining, ‘When can we go back to our hotel?’. That explains why I do not like Bali much.


But there is one thing I really like about Bali. The Church of St. Francis Xavier which is located next to our hotel. I actually chose the Vira Bali Hotel at Jalan Kartika because I read that it is next to the church. I find it amusing to find a Catholic church in an island full of Hindus in a country with the most Muslims.

I was overwhelmed with God’s greatness when I stepped foot into the building. I shed tears of joy at being part of Christ. The words of St Paul rings in my ears. Something about ’27 Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. ‘ (Full para from the letter to the Corinthians


We got back on Wednesday. I worked Thursday and Friday. And on Friday night, while having dinner, we suddenly thought of going to spend a night in Cameron because that’s the only day my eldest son has a day off. Incidentally, I am not schedule for any assignments so we left for Cameron Highlands at 5 am. I love these impromptu trips, especially when we travel at crazy hours. (after making sure hubby the driver has a good night sleep, of course)


I love going to Cameron to play masak-masak. It is nice to play house in the cold highlands, cooking is fun when you don’t sweat and find the stove warming instead. I cooked lunch and dinner and we practically did nothing but stay in our rented apartment watching Astro.


That sums up what family is. Just spending time together doing nothing. Now I wonder if I should go back to Bali again, alone. That will minimise my travel stresses, not to mention money and hassles…..Maybe I should. I am planning to go to Chiangmai for a seven-day silent retreat at a Catholic retreat centre if I can, end of this year. When I was sitting in the magnificient St. Francis Xavier church, I could almost see my purpose of wanting to go to Chiangmai. To find the destiny. God’ greater plan. Venturing out of the comfort zone. I don’t know. I just know that someday, if not this year, next year, if not next year, the following year, I am going to fulfill my New Year resolution – silent retreat where I talk to no one but God.


Who knows, God may needs a photographer who can blog and tweet. Tralalalalaa..

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  1. I m going to read excerpts of this entry to my marder because she says my aunty wants to plan a trip to Bali for the family in december. Told her exactly the same thing ..kids wl not enjoy bali. universal studio wld be a better option. 😀

  2. Lyza – I tell you lah, finding halal foods will be a nightmare cos you just don’t know for sure. And there are dogs, dogs, dogs everywhere with banners about rabies prevention. The sea is not fit for swimming due to the high waves and tide, the parks and elephants rides are in USD, USD69 per person to enter that elephant rides! Foods are not cheap, their McD is more expensive than ours, 100Plus also more expensive. Hehehe, I pandai kira, eh?

  3. Yes I’m sure I want to comment. Yes. Really sure.

    I visited Bali with my hubby, pre-kid days and even then found the temple visits a bit tiring – one after another. Was going to plan a trip there again with my kids to attend a cousin’s wedding but decided not to, don’t think the kids will enjoy.

    Is your Cameron apartment Lily apartment? My dad has one and from your pic looks almost exactly like my dad’s.

    Hats off to you for cooking on a holiday!
    mom2kiddos recently posted..Missing W Wednesday

  4. We also went up there last week enroute to KL. Spent a night in Heritage Hotel and had steamboat dinner.

  5. I discovered ur website a few months ago and have been enjoying reading ur entries..especially those on the Catholic faith. I do so love my Church. By d way, how do I go about making enquiries about this silent retreat in Chiangmai? I am interested in going there.

  6. Hi Judy, Tks! I have actually completed two courses on pyscho-spirituality at College General. And then, I wanted to go for the Maranatha Retreat but Father Huan told me it may be a bit ‘basic’ for me as he was my lecturer during the course at CG. So, he suggested the Chiangmai retreat. Maybe you want to explore http://www.maranatharetreathouse.com/
    because they have some guided retreat coming soon. The one in Chiangmai is call the Seven Fountains. I am waiting for a reply from the Jesuit brother.

  7. I am doing the Maranatha Meditation…have been doing it (not so regularly, I must add) ever since I attended a seminar conducted by Father Lawrence in Penang about 15 or 20 years ago. I have attended retreats conducted by Father Lawrence in Penang.

  8. Hi Lilian, may I know how to book the apartment from Madam Kwan? I’m looking for a place to stay for my family during our trip, too. Thanks.

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