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I am invited to Proton Exora session with the media, bloggers and several couples who are interested in test driving the MPV. The session begins with a talk by Dr Alvin Ng who shared about Child Development. He is the Clinical Psychologist from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). I am surprised to see a child psychologist in a car manufacturer briefing. Proton emphasize this because they believe in the important aspects in building a harmonious family.

Dr Alvin talked about positive reinforcement and how important it is for parents and even spouses to adopt this in their communications.

He shared about travelling with kids and reminded parents to keep kids busy and distracted. Stock foods, cleaning materials including spilt children up sometimes to keep peace. MPV like the Exora is the perfect answer because there are ample space. Like I mentioned earlier, children need a lot of space. He also advocates giving tokens to well behaved children as positive reinforcement.

Kenneth Chew then led the convoy of seven Exora cars cmprising 16 couples and several bloggers to the Taman Desa for a test drive and some fun competiton. I am spared from all these because I confessed I have never driven in KL traffic. There are four of us in the car and they gladly took my role.

Along the way Kennteth pointed out all the features of the Exora such as the bluetooth pairing with our iPod and phones. He also dispel the myth that if you see a badly smashed up front bonnet of a car during an accident, it is actually a feature as protection. He said the car may be deformed but there is a cabin like zone around the passengers.

While we are on the road, Kenneth asked us if we noticed the comfortable ride as we went through bumps. My kids and hubby had already noted this during our test drive. I would say Exora is not as stiff as most MPV or SUV and yet, not too soft.

While all the couples are going through their respective tests like the blindfolded parking, luggage challenge and circuit driving, I sat under the shade feeling glad I am not asked to park. I tell you, it will take a whole day for me to instruct or even worse, complete a side parking blindfolded.

I am amazed at the number of luggages that can be squeezed into the Exora when the last seat is folded. The contestants managed to squeeze six large luggages, one golf bag and a huge stroller.

Just before we leave the circuit, a few of us were given a taxi ride which is Exora driven by Proton professional. I sat in the front passenger seat in the car driven by Kenneth. He revved the car at over 50km/hr, applied the emergency brake and made a sudden turn. The Exora ABS helps the car to remain stable despite it.

After a few hours under the hot, blazing sun we were driven back for lunch. With Proton twin air conditioning system that is equipped in every seat, including the two rows of seat at the back. There are a few features that seems to be built for Malaysians like the teh tarik hook, the slot for the Touch n Go card.

I think the message from this VIP session is to expose us to the Exora and give it a test run. Some people have some perception that a bigger car like the seven seater Exora may consume more petrol but the Exora is actually quite economical. Go and test drive one today. Logon to http://allaboutexora.com/.

The Exora VIP session team is coming to Penang on the 2nd and 3rd July, 2011 so if you are interested, make a date with them. You can find out more details and register your interest at www.allaboutexora.com

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