I have forgotten if I have ever been hospitalised over an illness. The only times I had been admitted in hospital is to undergo some operations to remove tonsils or lumps. Or have babies.

But this time, I have to stay in the hospital for two nights because of some virus.

So, yeah, it was a refreshing ‘change’ being the patient, rather than the caregiver.

Doc gave me a battery of tests because I have severe bodyaches and headache. Initially, they thought it is dengue. Apparently, dengue can also cause diarrhea. There is an outbreak and the hospital dengue ward is full.

So, I thought, Oh oh, 5xmom versus the mozzie, 5xmom – 0, Mozzie – 1.

But it wasn’t dengue.

So, doc said I have tension headaches. Problem is, I don’t have tensions. But whatever, he said I must slow down, sleep more (which I am guilty of not doing enough), lose weight, eat more vege, watch my diet, bla bla bla yawwnnnn yadda yadda yadda.

Today I am still on MC. But not entirely sick though. Cos I can go to the market, go walk uphill for exercise and can cook too. But since doc had written the MC till today, I stay home and enjoy lor. However, I had been to the office to settle some things this morning and am actually doing some admin work at home too.

Therefore, starting two days ago, I have decided I am cutting down on sweets, fats, salts and oh boy, I am going to show doc I am utterly healthy.

He checked my chart the other day and I pointed out to him that I had done a complete medical check-up in 2006 with ECG and all. He asked me, “Which GP have you gone to in these last five years when you are sick?”

I told me, “I have never been sick since then.” Oh boy, scary that I have not seen a doctor for five years. And I ended up in the hospital when I do. Lucky it is covered by insurance so I don’t feel a pinch or else it will probably cause me a few thousand ringgits. Thank God.

But…I suppose it is a little prodding from the divine intervention to slow down and I will. I have decided I am cutting out all church activities so that I don’t have to worry about which Sundays and Saturdays I have duties and etc. Work wise, I have 3 male colleagues now (contrary to a few months ago when I work alone) so they can go run all over Penang while I stay in the office and deal with easy-peasy work for the time being.

Damn, that doesn’t sound like me. But better I get cautious than to die standing.

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  1. Hey there! Hope you get well reallll soon! Some of the viruses can be reaalll strong. My son was hospitalized for more than a week earlier this year due to a viral infection.

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