I have often heard new parents lamenting how parenthood has robbed off the joys of travelling. They will give reasons why they no longer go for holidays because it is too much hassles and their kids stressed them out.

Well, if you have a sedan car, it does get a bit packed and everyone gets jumpy when the baby, kid and mom are forced into a small space. However, if you own a bigger car, you will find travelling a joy.
As I mentioned previously, we took the Proton Exora for a test drive a month ago. We had a wonderful trip to Ipoh and back on the same day. It was a breeze travelling because my kids have plenty of space and there are lots of space for luggage too.

By now, I am quite an expert in car trips and travelling with kids because we have traversed up north to Phuket, Thailand and down south to Singapore. There are some things we parents have to keep in mind.

I wish to share these tips and also what I learned from Dr Alvin Ng. Dr Ng shared with us parents in a parenting session about safety in car trips. First of all, kids are very curious creatures and hence, the added safety feature in Proton Exora cars like the driver unlock system ensures the safety of our kids. Unless we unlock the door from the driver’s side, the kids aren’t able to accidentally open the car door.

Dr Alvin Ng was full of animation when he told us parents about how kids can act up during long travel. He should know because he is an expert in child psychology. He know how kids tend to fight when we place them together. So, he suggested we separate the kids so that they don’t try to murder each other at the back of the car. With the Exora space, we can actually seat the kids far away from each other.

(you can read the large file fm this link

Children get bored easily so Dr Ng suggested getting things to amuse them. Snacks to keep them happy. Plenty of stops for them to stretch. Cleaning materials for the younger babies, diapers to change. And also, reward points for the well behaved ones.

Many friends and I have attempted to bring our babies from as young as a few months old for long distance trips without any fuss. Remember to get a good car seat for babies and place the car seat in the correct position, i.e. at the back seat if your car has airbags in front. Babies must always be back-facing and not front facing. Babies are much easier to handle as they usually sleep most of the times.

There is no reason why parents have to pause their love for travelling and put everything on hold when they have kids. Car trips and holidays are such fun and joy and I have spent many, many enjoyable roadtrips with my kids. Frankly, if I have a choice, I would rather travel in a spacious car than flying.
If you do not believe me what a breeze it is to travel by car, go test an Exora today.

Just log on to and sign up for a test drive. Proton Exora is coming to Penang on July 2nd and 3rd and the Melaka on 30 & 31 July . You should participate in the test drive and enjoy the benefits of checking out the features of Proton Exora without obligations.


  1. I travelled with my first-born on a plane when he was 6mths old…from Canada to HK/ Msia. He did quite well in the bassinette. When we had 2 and they were older, we were able to have them sleep with blankets on the floor of the plane where we set. Did they ever sleep well! I know, these days that is not allowed. We also had an overseas trip before my dtr turned 2; she was essentially free but no seat. Well, her majesty insisted dad give up his seat when the movie came on, so he ended up perched on my armrest! Another good idea to entertain the kids is to get little toys/ colouring books, crayons from the dollar store, wrap them up in the colourful Sunday comics section(save on wrapping paper!), and dole out a “present” each time they are good, or finished their meal etc. Works well for road trips too.
    These days my “kids” are great travellers…I’m the one who gets cranky!!

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