A complete half year is gone…..

Six months just flew by. Whoosh! And it is over. There is another 6 months to go before 2012 is here. The so-called ‘World is ending on 2012’ prophecy.

Actually, life is a lot shorter than that. Just that we usually think we are immortal, as in cannot die one, can live forever one….

That’s what I told a relative recently. She is traumatised by someone with a terminal disease. Yet, she is surprised with the calmness of that person in facing her trials and illness.

I told her, “We Christians are not afraid of death one, we see it as the time to meet Jesus.” The Christian in me took it for granted that somehow or other, we will definitely go into the next better world.

And I am speaking from experience. I have seen how well Muslims handled death. How calm and accepting. Those times when I was in the PICU (paediatric/children ICU) where Muslims faith shone through, compared to my previous faith. And that’s one of the factor why I chose Christianity.

I suppose my relative won’t believe a word I said. She will probably worry about how the next world is. If there is enough food, do they need to burn some paper shoes and clothes and such. Maybe after so many years in Christ, I am totally assured of ‘For God so love the world, He gave His only begotten son and whoever believes in Him shall never die but have eternal life’ .

Then, talking about having control of our lives, another relative who used to dabble in seance (as in calling their deceased love ones spirit to ask them about things down under) and fortune tellers, is currently ill. I have thought of visiting more often but I decided I will not. Instead, I have chosen to pray from a distance. Because if I am there, I will have to say something comforting. And you can’t say something comforting if your beliefs are of different poles. I don’t want to say something which comes from the bottom of my heart but sounds callous to other people.

I had endured enough of all those who speak for the sake of speaking . Oh how many empty promises they made, how many things they implied I failed to do and plenty of other things that could drive one crazy. That’s why I’d rather stay away and pray from a distance.

Looking at these ill relatives and those who are afflicted with accidents, I can only say, Life is short, live it to the fullest, don’t take things for granted, do what your heart tells you, don’t avoid something and regret it later.

The other day, I went to Adventist Hospital to buy a loaf of bread (because I have plenty of time to kill). When I stepped foot inside, I recalled, “God Heals, We Help”. Back then, when my son was staying there, that huge poster never touch my heart. I couldn’t see the marvel of Jesus standing by the side of surgeon. Now, I saw how lovely they are. There are lots of posters and I pointed out one by one to my boy. I told him all his four elder brothers were born there except him.

He pouted, “Why you never born me here leh?” And in his usual drama king, emotional blackmail cheeky way, “horrrr…you don’t love me lah, you go Lam Wah Ee, never come here… I know….”

Looking at him, I know God Heals. Such cute boy. Time and God has erased that memory of the #4 son struggling in ICU in 2001. Life is short, but we can make it wonderful.

4 thoughts on “A complete half year is gone…..

  1. Life is way too short and we really should cherish every single moment with our loved ones – but sometimes when the stresses of life gets to you, you forget and get reminded again, like from reading your post here. I’ve also always been amazed at how the Muslims can accept death with the calmness of “takdir”. But when one doesn’t accept death with that sort of calmness, does it mean the person’s faith is not strong? Or does it just take a pragmatic view of life to be so accepting. My mom lost faith in her Catholic God when my brother died of cancer 4 years ago. She refused to go to church until only recently but is still not a regular church-goer anymore.

  2. Are you aware that you have been reported for tweeting a seditious remark?

    Head over the rockybru.com.my

    Take care and may god bless you.

  3. mom2- I dunno if I am lucky that I haven’t found Christ back then otherwise I may find it hard to comprehend why a loving God see it happening and then, feel helpless why He can’t do a thing about it.

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