Thank you and sorry

Friends and family asked.

So, I have to say something.

Firstly, sorry to those who worried about me, my siblings who had warned me again and again. But then, I have never listened to anyone since I was young, so, yes, this has happened. But no, you cannot say, ‘tsk tsk tsk…I told you so’. Because, that’s me. I have my mind of my own and will take care of things on my own.

Next, sorry to the one I had inconvenienced. But then, I guess it is not something I have done intentionally. I had said, ” I am sorry to you but not to them.”

For the media friends who demanded ‘Excloosive’ stories, thanks for the laughs and giggles.

To those who know, yes, it doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers a lot of panicky folks. I am so sick of people putting on their faces and look at me like I am dying of terminal cancer or what.

Talking about that, if I could survive 7 months in ICU with a sick child and then, his death and then, the recovery, you have to believe I am one heck of a hard pinang to crack.

That reminds me of Vella. He died. Before he died, he shared a lot of his worries with me. He told me his wife is very much dependent on him, renewing licence, sending kids to school and etc. I told him, “Don’t worry, we women are very tough one.” He told me his worries about how his two boys, one age 6 and one 4 yrs old are going to cope in a Chinese school. But after chatting with me (as a pastoral care volunteer), I managed to convince him that it will be too tough for Indian boys to cope in a Chinese school, if the father is not around. If my Chinese boys can’t manage Mandarin, how are they going to?

So, Vella managed to change his sons’ school to my place although they used to live in Kedah. And he talked a lot about how important education is and so on.

After he died, I met up with his wife while we send our kids to school. And I had been the silent guardian, watching the progress. I can’t help much, not that I have money like a tycoon.

On Friday, I was so happy to see his wife in a nice traditional clothes. I had not been bumping into her as our kids finish schools at different times now. She told me she found a job. Nearby where she can fetch her kids back to her mom’s during her lunch hour.

I could feel the sky brightens and Vella’s handsome face smiling. That I didn’t bluff him when I told him ‘We women very tough one’ when he was dying of lymph node cancer.

So, moral of the story? There are plenty of fark-ups in our lives. So, don’t go annoy me like I am dying of cancer or what. Broaden your world, feel for others, and stop living in your little world. The world is very screwed and I don’t regret saying what I said. Whatever the outcomes, it doesn’t bother me because I spoke as a Christian. And only as a Christian. Nothing to do with whom I work for. And to the folks who kept harping on it like I am some mental lunatic fanatic that has satanic intentions, go berambus lah.

To the rest who can still laugh, buy some candles, ok? At the very worst, you can use it and save the high tariff charged by TNB.

And to the new visitors , sila layari Blog Resipi saya yang terbest di Malaysia! Woot! Free advert!

6 thoughts on “Thank you and sorry

  1. Hey Lilian..I salute you for what you stand for…
    It’s at these times that ppl make us feel like ‘we gotta die and be martyrs’
    Will continue to pray and hope that ‘GOD will make a way, where there seems to be no way’…
    Cheers and god bless..
    BTW,silence doesn’t mean, there’s no care or action taken! PRAYERS WORKS WONDERS!!!

  2. Thanks for your kind thoughts but words like those are going to put me into trouble for ‘instigating people’. Hahaha. But keep praying, not for me, for the nation.

  3. Macam biasa. With you all the way. I will still throw Siew yoke over the wall for you. 🙂

  4. No, no, no, no more siew yoke. I amal gaya hidup sihat. i no eat pork or rice or fattening foods. Kobe Beef will do.

  5. Sharing experiences that bring us together are much better than wedges of opinion that drive us apart. Keep doing the right thing.

  6. I may not agree with every thing you say but I will defend 100% your rights to say them. Malaysia may still have a long way to go and we can’t allow the ar#eholes from BN to slow us down, can we?

    I miss my Penang Asam Laksa.

    Gold Coast QLD

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