A hot bowl of curry mee can lull one to complacency on a rainy morning like today

It’s Sunday.

It’s raining.

And I just had a bowl of curry mee with an extra plate of huge prawn (I could afford only one) and some fishballs. All for RM9.50, inclusive of a glass of warm Chinese tea.

Sunday means waking up at noon.

Rainy mornings make it even worse if you have to dig yourself out of bed.

I only check if I had worn my t-shirt inside out or outside in when I was almost reaching church.

Actually, I had thought of ponteng Jesus though I had set my alarm to 6am. Arrgghh..the struggle..

I also think of not bathing and just change and brush my teeth.

Another struggle.

It took me 15 minutes to decide if I want to ponteng. Another 10 minutes to find my t-shirt, jeans in the darkness. Making sure I did not accidentally wear some Y-colour t-shirt out. You know…the Y related to the B?

By the time I got in, ngam-ngam the commentator speaks.

“Come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest. My yoke is easy and burdens light”

And Father B explained the meaning of easy yoke. It is an Aha moment for me. Now that makes a lot of sense.

Back to my curry mee, the little pushcart outside some zinc/plank house is quite famous and has a good followers. People like it because they can get as many (unhealthy, salty, MSG) fish balls, pork skin and huge fresh prawns as they can afford to pay or kill themselves with. But the attraction is their chili paste. The old auntie will peel a lot of bunga kantan and fresh serai to make the aromatic chili paste. You can help yourself to as much chili paste as your gut and bowel can stand.

So, can you feel how nice it is to experience the Aha moment, the mountain-top feel, running in the rain to eat a bowl of curry mee? The smell of the ‘Only Penang got one’ hawker foods?

The prawn is huge and so fresh. Too bad I didn’t bring my iPhone or I would FourSquare and Tweet them.

Then, something come to mind. I can’t blame some people who call themselves Christians for making a report against me. He is like the person sitting in the comfortable coffee shop, eating nice curry mee with bunga kantan, feeling all warm and fuzzy. So, anyone whom he thinks is going to steal away the coffee shop, prawn, nice chili paste and steaming hot soup that comfort and keep him secure is a threat.

I may eat that same bowl of curry mee. But I have seen the outside world, ran in the rain and know that RM9.50 could probably feed a whole family of five children in a broken hut for a day. So, yeah, screw you. If my hair is long enough, I would probably tie two pony tails and put yellow ribbons on my hair. But then, I don’t want to look like zany rich Hongkie tycoon woman, what’s her name.

Now off to work. On a rainy morning, Sunday somemore. Blek. But it’s life and I thank God for it. Easy yoke means well-fitting yoke. Thanks to Father B, now I know that Jesus Christ is not your resident Choy-San who promises you lotsa money, ong ahhh, huat ahhhh…heng ahhhh….He is walking with us, behind the kerbau. Oh wait, it is the kerbau that carries the yoke. So, yeah, I am the kerbau, working on Sunday. Bye-Bye! (this time I hope no one says I incite kerbaus to throw their yokes and stop working in the bendang)

2 thoughts on “A hot bowl of curry mee can lull one to complacency on a rainy morning like today

  1. I just read about your supposed seditious remark over Twitter. I don’t know what the hooha is over that. As far as I’m concerned, everyone is entitled to freedom of speech (or tweet) but sadly in our country, sometimes you can get arrested for that. Now for even wearing the colour-Y. *Sigh*. We just came back from church too and it was comforting to listen to Father tell the story of the footprints in the sand. Being reassured that we are never alone and that He carries us especially in times of need. Happy working on a SUnday. Btw, that is one expensive curry mee. I just had curry mee too and was complaining to my hubby, so expensive at 4.80. (of course no big prawn)

  2. I am proud of you my dear sister Lilian. My prayers are with you. We walked for Christ last Sunday, Corpus Christi. Jesus is real and he is walking with you. We walk for what is right……Jesus did that. God bless!

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