**This post was originally posted on July 3, 2011 at 16:55. Maybe I ought to post it up again to give people a clearer picture. Tony Yew made the police report on 1st July and on 1st July itself, Utusan has made that very serious allegation against me. After about three weeks, the police took a statement from me. And also my Mac. So, today is a month since I got my very first police report made against me. Happy one month anniversary to Lilian for being mistaken as a cyber criminal by many.**

It has been a hectic week where I chased king, models and demonstrators. And then, dateline.

So, I never really read or look into what Tony wrote. I told my friends, ‘What’s the point? Nothing I can do about it, reading it only make me pissed and I have no time for that with all the schedules and datelines.’

But I finally get over to see the tub of lard with a dark glasses wrote. Btw, I read in some women mag that men who don cool image, using dark glasses and cap, are usually ‘inadequate’ down there, so sort of a compensation. Then again, I digress.

So, he can’t spell pail. Never mind.

And I read on his blog he said he has been a Catholic since he went to catechism. So, yeah, I went OMAIGOD!!!???!!! Now this is sensational. A Catholic man made a police report against a Catholic mom with five kids, one of whom had died, which is why I turned Catholic not so long ago, btw. There I digress again.

So, what’s the issue here?

One, I had retorted to him immediately when he demanded I retracted what I tweeted. This screwed up guy said I mix religion with politics.

And I was like wtf, who the hell are you to ask me, The Obnoxious 5xmom to retract what I said? I asked him where did I mention anything about politics?

Now, I know where he got the screwed idea from. He thought I am referring to the Bersih rally. Farker…if I am a Bersih advocator, I would have pinned a yellow badge on my avatar, repeatedly ask everyone to join. Go and check all my status (not that you can because my tweets are protected).

I am ashamed of you, Tony. If indeed you grew up with catechism, I am sure you would know loads of songs like ‘Do they know we are Christians?’

Does the ‘they’ means the government, stupid?
It is just a Christian expression that we are so used to.

Next, you violated my protected tweets. You join as my ‘friend’ and abused it. Don’t you see how disgusting that is? It is protected.

And either you are an :

1) Asshole
2) Stupid
3) Evil
4) All the above
5) *readers, insert your own description

because my whole tweet goes like this :

I THINK (think means it is my thoughts, in case you are too stupid to know that)

we should march (march in a Christian way means to be brave and not cower, to stand for justice and rights not just for us but for all the downtrodden, weak, trampled of the society. Didnt they teach you any songs when you were a kid? Or were you too busy stuffing your fat face to listen to teachers? Havent you sing before ‘We stand for God and for His Glory’. Does that mean you practically stand and never sit down?) It is certainly not about Bersih, idiot Tony. It is just an expression.

and yes, I did say ‘for the persecution THEY have done to us and our Lord’. Here again, ‘they’ did not mean the government, idiot. Oh have I said that before? Never mind, you deserve it.

Do you even read The Herald? Do you even know that Christians are sometimes killed in other countries for their faith? Do you dare to go to your parish priest and tell him that we Christians do not go through trials, injustices? Come, I challenge you, let’s go to a learned person and we ask him if I had been wrong to lament that we need to stand together as Christians and by that, as united Christians that we have our duties to be the strength for those who are weak. By being united doesnt mean we separate ourselves from the world, moron. It means, Be part of the world. And again, idiot, don’t misinterpret my words. Weak means the poor, the sick, the marginalised.

I continue my tweet with ‘I don’t know.’ Which again shows it is a lamentation. Betcha you never read the Bible enough to know what Lamentation is.

And I said I am going to sleep, bye bye and I even put a smiley face.

So, you are an idiot. The police may come and drag me for questioning. Or they may terus come and arrest me and messed up my stuffs. I live by my faith. I accepted these as part of being in Christ. And I forgive you. I won’t hold you in grudges. Because Jesus said Forgive your enemies. And I will because it will make you pissed off more. Because people will know how stupid you had been.


(of course, after I finished this rant, I have no more steam already)

So, yeah, that’s the end of the chapter.

And to all my Muslim friends and to those who came by from Utusan or Astro Awani or Sinar Harian, sorry that my brother Tony Yew has caused you uneasiness. Forgive him. for he does not know. Saya minta maaf kepada semua yang salah sangka dan terpedaya dengan kejahilan semua ini. Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan boleh jumpa dengan saya dan nilai sendiri samada saya ini seorang yang begitu fanatik seperti Tony tuduh atau pun tonton lah di TV3!

Ingat tau, layari blog resipi saya di http://malaysiabest.net ! Saya ada resipi untuk sahur.