Down the corridor of parenthood

I just got back from the paed’s clinic. Visiting the paed at his night clinic is a nightmare because every parents bring their kids to the clinic at night. But veteran moms like me know how to cut the queue.

We take the number at 6 pm. Return to the clinic at 9 pm. The number above the door says 60. I got number 64. So, tadaaa….we are out of the clinic in 30 minutes.

My kid has rashes all over his body. Very much like katak puru. It started with just one patch on his arm. Then, we applied some cream. It doesn’t work. So, we went to see the regular paed. His cream also doesn’t work.

Today, we have no choice but to go through the long, long queue and wait to see him again. He refers my kid to the skin specialist. Which means kena big big dent in consultation fees and those darn expensive creams.

So, what to do….we mah stay in the hospital for a night lor. Good also lah, cos my kid needs a big dose of anti-histamine as he is scratching himself till the skin is raw and bleeds when he is sleeping.

Today, I bought him an Angry Bird t-shirt. Only ten bucks. I failed as a mom. I thought the size M will be too big for him. But when he puts it on, he said, “It is a bit tight lah, but never mind lah, I can wear lah”. It is sort of comforting me because I told him ‘Oh mommy epic phailed! Mommy cannot even tell how big you are already! Bad mommy.”

You know? If you are a mom, you not only feed the kids to grow physically but also to grow in morality, spirituality besides all the manners, responsibilities and etc etc.

He was playing with the wheelchairs while we were at the admission counter. And he has some fun maneuvering the adult size wheelchair while the Bangladeshi worker looks on adorably.

I asked him “So, what must you do?” Praise God, my kid knows what I mean when I asked. He said, “I must thank God and pray for the real real cacat children who cannot walk so that they can walk.” Praise the Lord, Amen!

I have certainly come a long way since my first son was admitted into a hospital. I still remember because the frightening word ‘pneumonia’ freaked first time parents like me out. Nebuliser, chest physio and suction made many moms cried. Me? I can do all the above, including the suction. With the calmness of an old matron.

The reason? Mom always have to be strong and brave for the kids. Many panicky moms made their kids even more traumatised in hospitals. I have written one very good article in The Star about this. Actually I have written many parenting articles in The Star. Just that I am too lazy to scan those papers.

Maybe I should. Because there are just too many over anxious parents that breed over anxious kids.  We don’t need that, do we?

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  1. Lilian .. don’t know whether you dare to try this for treating allergy.

    Boil noni leaves in water. After that add in a soup spoonful of salt. Cool till room temperature. After mandi – take leaves & rub on body, then rinse off with noni water. Towel dry.

    My friend swears by this.

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