Once Mrs Loh, now Matthew’s mommy

My little boy has to be warded for observations due to an eruption of rashes all over his body. Poor thing scratched till many spots bleed.

Last night, the nurses were foreign to us. The ward too is foreign to us. Normally, we go to the left side but we were assigned the room on the right, which used to be the O&G ward.

However, this morning is totally a new thing. Many nurses in the morning shif knows me. The former ward sister, Sister Bee Bee who happened to go to Paed for dressing heard I am in the ward and she came by to chat with me. You can read about her in my 2007 post.

So, we catch up with a chat in our room. She hasn’t grown much older though she is past 60 years old (and a happy recipient of Penang Warga Emas RM100). She is still working but not in nursing.

Long time ago, she is the best in shaving my Vincent bald so that she can insert the needle through his scalp. She looks very fearsome but that’s normal for seranis or Eurasians. She is the most no-nonsense, no-false promise nurse, always giving me facts of the matter and yet, did not sound too discouraging.

It is nice to be back here in Lam Wah Ee in a way. Not that I like my kid falling sick and needing hospital stay. But it is here where people know the ‘old me’. Not many people could afford the long hospital stay for a pre-mature baby in a private hospital. (I never stop thanking God for the wonderful Italian ex-boss of my hubby). So, the nurses never forget my Vincent because he was like the resident patient there, staying and never going out.

The young nurses who used to attend to him when he had breathing difficulties and needed HDU stay are now probably married and much older already. But me and Sister Bee Bee? We are still looking the same. That’s what I told Sister Bee Bee, that she hasn’t age a day since 9 years ago.

Everyone is amused with the little brother of Vincent, so big size, chubby and cute.

It is amazing. Time flies. Wounds heal. Tears dried. Happy times here. And I thank God for the grace.

And my boy? He is happy because he has MC and Thursday being a public holiday, he doesn’t need to go to school for so many days. The only bleh is the three creams that he has to apply constantly. I told him, the cream won’t feel sticky if he just walk around naked and not sitting down.

As for the title, the nurses used to call me Mrs Loh but now, they call me Matthew’s mommy.