I must clarify a few things here

1. I have said I will fully cooperate with the police.
2. The police did not ‘raid’ my house. I welcome them and they do their job of investigating.
3. If the word ‘raid’ is used, it maybe because a group of reporters were outside my house and they probably thought the flurry of activities, of removing my Mac box from the store room as ‘raid’.

My case has been featured in almost all the mainstream media and they are mostly consistent with what I went through. Thank God! Even Tamil paper runs a story. I only know about it from my Indian colleague today.

Until the case is closed or I am charged or arrested, I have no further comment.

As for my feelings, I hold no anger with Tony Yew because it is pointless. He has been bashed enough by people online and people I met. Ultimately, he is the one who is going to face the people and his own conscience. I hope he has thought it through before he subjects another family through what I went through. For example, I have an eight year old son who sat quietly in the living without turning on the TV for 2 hrs because ‘police come to catch mommy and her computer’.

And to the innocent people, no, I did nothing wrong. I am not ‘serik’ or ‘scared already’ and will continue with my tweet, whatever, whenever, however I like.

To all the strangers (once) who came up to me with an understanding look, an encouraging handshake, a supportive pat on the back, offer of legal support, jokes of ‘you want me to whack him or not ah’ and lots of other nice things, thank you.

To all those who think I am a cyber criminal, F Yew. Time for you to open your eyes and know your rights.

18 thoughts on “I must clarify a few things here

  1. I feel so sorry for your little boy. As a mom myself who had read your blog since 2004, I know you had been through other much, much more difficult things in life. God and your little guardian angel in heaven will look after you. That, I’m sure of.

  2. Neverending assault against LGE and the Pakatan Rakyat stae governments. At one time it was Eli Wong fast asleep in her sarong – cellphone image leaked by a slimeball boyfriend – big deal, only small minds would get excited! This time it’s you, over a silly tweet only a handful would have noticed. Tony Yew just disqualified himself from decent society – henceforth he can only hang out with the likes of Ridhuan Tee, Ahmad Ismail, Zahrain and Zul Noordin… oh, and Ahiruddin Atan, of course! Anyway, another 15 minutes of (unwanted) fame can only increase your blog traffic. Just breathe deep and let the bad smell evaporate by itself… life goes on, and so will you! šŸ™‚

  3. Amazing how small-minded people can be regardless of their station in life. People who are insecure or have a chip on their shoulder have to make themselves look good as they know they are worthless. And always remember: innocent till proven guilty. Let’s see who will have its tail between its legs eventually.

  4. Hi Lilian. I hope you will get through this as soon as possible. My thoughts are with you. Be strong.

  5. Hi Lilian,

    Glad that you are fine now. Give me a shock when hubby spotted you on the newspaper.

    Yes, I have the problem explaning to my boys also when they saw some ‘Bersih’ youtube on the web. “Mummy, why are the police chasing after the people? Are they bad guys?”

    Hopes that you and your family will be over it soon, especially Matthew.

    Be more careful of what you said since you are so popular now. šŸ™‚

    Peace be with you and I am proud that you are a Catholic. šŸ˜›

  6. Our prayers are with you Lilian…That God will give you and your family the strength to face this ordeal!
    We are proud of you…

  7. Good to have you back! Steady and strong as ever, and still standing tall! Look forward to you continuing with your tweet, whatever, whenever, however ….. šŸ™‚

  8. To forgive is divine Lilian. You have made your Faith proud. Take care. God Bless you and your family.

  9. Don’t the authorities have better things to do than get excited over an off the cuff simple tweet. For god sake there far more important things for them to deal with than to attend to the unreasonable complaint of just one person. Hasn’t he heard of freedom of speech?
    The stench of politics is really strong here.
    Stand your grounds Lilian. You have no case to answer.

  10. We will remember you and yr family in our prayers.My heart goes out to Matthew.He is such an intelligent and sensitive boy,hope he’s not too badly affected.This is getting quite ridiculous!!!!

  11. suddenly ter-read 5xmom in paper, wah you extra famous now liau. next time you can thank that fei chai in your maserati! continue what you do best. take care and god bless.

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