I miss my Mac, when you coming back?

Ok, I had promised to be a good girl and won’t relate the minute details about how my Mac has to go for a holiday without me. It’s a scout honour.

But still,I feel a tinge of sayang cos I hope they take care of it properly. Without it, I don’t have a proper working Mac. Typing on this iPad is blardy tiring because I can type very fast. I don’t get to punch the keyboard, merely light touch on the cold hard screen.

So, please come back fast-fast, wahai Mac ku.

But people, don’t speculate and call the authorities names cos they are merely doing their job. I nak Mac saya. Nak Mac. Nak Mac. Nak Mac.

4 thoughts on “I miss my Mac, when you coming back?

  1. Just yesterday, the housekeeper was cleaning the office and since I don’t usually have a lot of rubbish as I throw papers into the recycle bin, the housekeeper remarked “Boss you orang bersih lah”. I was stunned awhile. You know lah, these days we have to be careful on what we say. Have yet to go to the pasar ramadhan yet. The usual guy that I buy the nasi kerabu from will always address me as “brother” quite loud. Have to remind him to tone down his voice

    Anyway, Lilian………welcome back. Glad to know that you have not taken to the place down south for your safety (Quotting the botak minister who is now taking care of land transport issues”

  2. You’re in luck, sweetie.
    I shall get in touch with my friend in Balik Pulau. He said this year, the crop is good. Plenty of durians, rambutans and what you are yelling for: NUTMEGS!!!!

  3. Hi Lilian,
    Like your tweets (the one which resulted in your Mac being “borrowed”).
    Keep up the great job yeah, 5X Mom.

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