A little thanks is always good

Yesterday morning was quite the stressful morning.
Today, I decided I am not driving to work as my son needs my car later on.
So, I got into the office by 7.15 am though I start work at 8.30 am

Back to yesterday morning…..

The previous night, I attended the forum on TBH’s RCI. It ended rather late, almost midnight. My car was locked in the compound as I went out for some drinks with a friend after the forum. By the time I went to pick my car, the guard has locked the gate.

So, after all the hassles of getting my car out, it was way past midnight. My petrol tank was blinking madly on Empty.

Most petrol stations have closed and I overshot one 24-hour one and that’s it. So, what does a good Christian girl like me do in situation like that? Of course, I pray lah. And make deals with Jesus. Lord, if you can turn water into wine, can you please turn air into petrol? Not asking much, just enough for me to get home and enough for me to get to the nearest station next morning.

Next morning, I had to ‘exchange’ kids with hubby so that I have time to pump petrol and drop the son in secondary school.

I drove to the first petrol station that is open. I rushed to slot my card in. It spewed out my card. In the morning, in all my blurriness and rush, I guessed I had slot in the wrong side. I have a problem understanding those little signs, so I slot again. And it doesn’t work again. I turned the other side. And it still doesn’t work.

My son in secondary school has stricter rules. There are some constipated prefects that love to scare the students by closing the gate even before 7.30 am. So, he doesn’t like being late.

I gave up on the credit card payment. I grabbed twenty bucks and went to the cashier. Showed her which is my car. Went to my car, grabbed the hose and realised I haven’t opened my petrol tank yet. *roll eyes*

Put back the pump. Twist the cover and pssshhhhhtttt…the gas and the fumes that I hate so much assault my nose so early in the morning. I hate pumping petrol cos I hate the messy work. Usually, my sons or my hubby fill the tank for me but these last four days, I have been working most of day and night so they haven’t used my car.

Take the hose again. Repeat but no rush of liquid gold comes out.

Looked desperately at the cashier, which is a distance away. Waved. She didn’t see me. Frankly, I have always used credit card because it is so much more convenient. So, I didn’t know I have to wait for their signal.

She finally looked my way and asked me to ‘bubuh balik, lepas tu baru tarik’.

I did it.

Still no petrol.

The clock is ticking away.

I tried another hose. Still not working.

After the third or fourth attempts, finally the RM20 bucks came rushing out, into my tank.

So, my whole morning and my nerves was twisted like the knots of thousands of petrol pump hoses.

I did get my son to school in time.

But not before my car was stuck in those stupid jams that could have been avoided but parents are all so selfish and inconsiderate situation.

Plus residents along the lane (Muntri Street?) behind SXI parked their cars overnight, making the already tiny lane even tinier.

So, all the time I was muttering ‘bassss ketttttt’ because everyone is trying to rush and no one gets anywhere.

Finally, I am done dropping my son and turned into Love Lane. Still very stressed out, pissed off and nerves frayed.

But a sight jolted me back.

One old man was pushing his old wife in an old wheelchair.

I am not sure where they are going. But if I am that old and weak and there is still someone there to push my old wheelchair for a stroll in the morning, I will be thankful to God.

And I am thankful I am whizzing around town with a car and petrol. Never mind about the rest of the world, I am just so thankful.

Sometimes, we are so caught up in our little world, we missed God’s marvelous wonders. So, say a little thanks to your own ‘big boss’ up there, will you?

4 thoughts on “A little thanks is always good

  1. Sent you new MAc…………if I hv the spare cash,sorry no luck with magnum4d nowaday.If kena sent you one,okokokok?Lost steam liao,Ha ha ha!!!

  2. Hey Lilian,

    Your blog 5xmom has gotten its PR returned to 3. So…can anyone look forward to you writing there again? Your tagline was blogging for PR and money…..

    Go thank Google for giving your PR back after like over 2.5 years 🙂

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