A rain inspired post

I was soaking in the tub earlier because it was so hot. I wanted to iron at least 4 blouses but only managed two because the heat was unbearable. Now that explains why it was so hot and humid. Rain coming. And it is pouring now.

While I was in the long bath, I realised what luxury I have. Long, long ago I used to have a house with a bath tub. But I hardly have time to enjoy it because there was always a baby or a kid needing the mommy.

(matthew just back from the hospital)

I remember one of them (though I can’t recall which one) was so ‘sticky’ like bah leh koh (molasses). Babies go through separation anxieties and this kid will scream if he doesn’t see me. So, even if I have to do my big business, I cannot close and lock the door entirely. I need to leave a small peep hole and kept talking to assure him that I have not been swallowed by the toilet bowl. *roll eyes*


But good thing is kid grows really fast. So, all those boring stuffs about parenting are easily forgotten.

Now I have the luxury of time. I don’t have to be bothered with one kid banging the door while you are in the bathroom because another stole his toy or something. I don’t have to deal with screaming kid who needs to use the bathroom or one that asks me to wash his butt.


So, I have plenty of time to give myself a good soak in the tub with some fancy-schmancy bath salt or just plain Johnson baby bath that gives lots and lots of bubbles.


Today, the above two kids are cooking for me. One baked an awesome durian cheesecake. The other roasted lamb with rosemary and thyme.

I know most people wouldn’t be able to tell which is which kid.


Here is one photo that is many, many years old. At least eight years old.

To cut a long rambling short, I am so thankful to God for the wonderful kids I have. Today, during mass, we have the part where we can insert in our own prayers. And I was like ‘Oh, oh, God, I really have nothing to ask from You. Just thanks for my wonderful kids. And if it is not too much trouble, will You be nice to those who need You most?’

I really think I should get myself a waterproof gadget so I can type while in the bath. Nothing like a nice soak and the rain to make me feel all warm and fuzzy of how wonderful life is.

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