The blogs are dead

I have this night to spend. My little boy has gone to sleep. So I am stealing his computer for a little blogging. But try as I may, I can’t seem to find a thing worthy to blog.

You see, the blogosphere nowadays aren’t like the blogosphere pre-Twitter and pre-Facebook days. Those days, our blogs are our connection. I read your blog, you read mine. I comment, you comment.

Now, we have instant satisfaction from Facebook and gratification from Twitter. The connection is faster, sweeter and shorter. You don’t need to try hard to impress others with your bloogable materials. You just spew 140 characters and you are done.

Just like for example….ermmm…lemme think.

Ok, back then, we need to sit at the toilet bowl for hours to get the constipation away. Now we just give short farts and it smells just the same.

The other thing that made me turn off from blogging is how stupid people are abusing blogs for their own selfish needs.

We used to blog because we feel we have something worthy to share.

They are now using blogs to run down each other. It is stupid, it is evil and at the end of our days, it doesn’t bring any benefits to anyone.

When I look at the definition of ‘blogger’ I just don’t want to be part of those circle. For example, today is the second month where they came and took my Mac away.

Then, out of curiousity, I went to the Tony Yew blog to check what that fat boy has been up to. Apparently, he is still GuanEngphobia. He is still writing about Guan Eng.

It is not enough that he has made life difficult for his supposedly jurugambar rasmi, he now advances to pick on the leader.

So, when you see such people calling themselves bloggers and then, having that delusion that they can change the political scenario and break a person, you just don’t want to be associated with them.

Just like how we as kids don’t want to friend friend with boys who play with shits. It will smear on us, you know what I mean?

So, yeah, I’d rather don’t call myself a blogger anymore. I don’t want to be associated with those cybertroopers who posted photoshopped photos of leaders or stealing my photos for their evil intents.

Yes, I know some of you cybertroopers are taking photos I painstakingly took because it is my job to do so and abused it. It sickens me when they took the photo of two lovely ladies and abused it with racial undertones.

I have nothing to say. I can only pray that somehow, someday God will open their eyes and let them see what evil they have done to innocent people. I pray that God will somehow soften their hearts and make them live decent daily life without all those fitnahs and smearing.

Maybe just a note that for once, in ten years, I have survived one birthday of my fourth son without emo posts. I was too busy to write anyway. I used to shed tears then, but I guess time has healed and somehow taken away part of the memories.

So, yeah, screw you all you farkers who call yourselves bloggers but are nothing but men with evil intent bent on destroying others’ images with your cold blooded action. Bloggers, my arse! (heh, I am still the obonoxious one, ok?)

6 thoughts on “The blogs are dead

  1. Yeah lah… so much has changed in the less than 5 years since I discovered the dubious joys of blogging. I’ve got into the habit of recycling old posts – because what I said 3 or 4 years ago still applies! Boring lah… politics after GE12. Everybody was yearning for genuine changes and reforms… instead we got FLOM and Jibby the Hutt and stories about their outrageous extravagance (even boarding a bus they must waste hundreds of thousands of OUR money refurbishing an ordiinary express coach to look like their own private yacht!)… cheh!

    These days the news is full of smelly events like Ibrahim Ali opening his frogmouth and belching at Mat Sabu or demanding that detention without trial goes on forever. And when will that damn Mahafiraun get himself embalmed and shut the %#@& up?

    Nemmain lah, Lilian… we all had a great time for a few years… and I still enjoy the freedom my blog grants me to publish whatever pleases me, without censorship. Who’s afraid of the big, bad MCMC? Bunch of Ayatollah wannabes.
    Antares recently posted..Fuck Corporate Greed! Reclaim Your Destiny!

  2. your blog still rocks after many years of gengness. Your way of writing inspired me until today.

    the blogging era we were back those days where every ah lian and beng had PR3, whr ppl would spend time going around saying “visited your blog, pls visit mine”
    I link u, u link me. or even, saying” u ugly ah beng, yr mother this and tht” as anonymous commenter.

    But in these days, when most are not blogging, you can more special lor. it’s like when u wanna share smtg really special, not so FB meme stuff, you can have it in yr blog and start talking abt it and say, it’s in my blog, go see it.

    btw, u rmb me not? Im with working d. with exabytes.

  3. Charles – Of cuz I remember you! I still catch up with how you are thru yr old man nia. Didn’t check too much also, didnt know you changed blog even. Glad you are enjoying yourself, in whatever you are doing or thinking of doing.

    Antares – So nice to see so many familiar faces at this post. We have to fight on and shoulder on to uphold the real cause, I guess.

    eat.this – Yeah, we have to be the ‘last few good blogs standing’. Hehehe, righteous, I know.

    Donald – Tks for the encouraging words

    mahagurusia – Ya, I actually wonder what had happened to people nowadays. Last time we used to agree to disagree and no one gets really angry. Now, strangers and anonymous folks just whack each other without reason.

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