It’s Christmas to me, as far as I am concerned

I cannot sleep. Because I fell asleep at 7 pm till 9 pm. Now I am as alert as those chirpy birds outside our window in the mornings.

If I have my regular work computer with me, probably I can do some useful stuffs. But all I have is a computer I hijacked from my 8 yrs old. Therefore, I can only surf, blog, read some adult books, women magazine (I am not sure which is more evil, though) or express those thoughts.

So, I tweedle around my blog and decided I want a Christmas theme. The regular one that I have used for three years. And along with it, some snow fall as well.

To make the mood more Christmassy, I play Andy William’s White Christmas. Now that completes the mood.

The sombre feel of Christmas layered with the joy some felt. Christmas gives different feelings to different people. It is a sombre thing to me.

Let’s take it further. Put some Christmas photos of the past.

Who cares it is only October? We have 81 days till Christmas.

But I am starting to get into the mood from now on.

So, Merry Christmas!

P/S : Subliminal message – Tuan, all I want for Christmas is my Mac.

**I hope they are still monitoring me and what I say everyday**

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