But…make-up is nice!

I was chatting with a girl friend today. We were talking about finding Mr. Right.

You know, female reporters are the most cincai and most do not make-up. Initially when I was into this CJ thingie, it was okay for me because I am on my own. Moreover, I am a videographer and video or photo people have lots of running, squatting, rushing and squeezing in dirty, hot, enclosed spaces so we are not known to wear anything nice.

Olden Chinese face powder
Powder from grandmas era

Usually, we do not know our schedules so we do not know what to expect. Like the other day, I was crazy enough to wear my peacock long maxi skirt with a black t-shirt to work, thinking that it is an easy Friday. That day turned out to be the most hectic day with press conference, demo and protest. I cannot attend the demo planned by Ghani, for sure. I can’t blend in with the crowd. Then, I have to walk quite a distance to Trader’s Hotel because it is too near for driving and quite a distance to walk in rain. So, there I was, running in the drizzle from Traders to Komtar in puddles of water, with my long skirt as mop. *roll eyes*

Still, I like to make-up. My colleagues are used to see me bringing out the make-up in the morning and pour on the ICI paint and cement foundation. It is like a ritual except on days when I am really tired and can’t find the mood.

(these are photos I filed under Knick-knacks collected over the years)

So, back to this girl friend. She usually tie her hair. And she rarely make-up, not even lipstick.

How can, woman? Women must have at least five lipsticks, in different tones like pink, red, peach, brown and nude.

Foundation is a necessity. So is sun protection.

Then, powder comes in loose form and compact. I must have my loose one and then, touch up with compact through the day.

Eye shadows just make tiny Chinese slit eyes bigger.

When I don’t expect sweaty work, I even apply mascara and eye-liner.

My Bobbi Brown with my ex-pink Vaio

Lipstick. How can you do without lipstick?

She asked me, “What for make-up, not like I am selling my body?!?!?”

*roll eyes*

I think that’s where most girls got it wrong lor. We make-up not to offer ourselves to the horny males. Though of course, that’s the reason make-up were invented, I think?

Still, I don’t think it is to attract mates but rather to make ourselves feel good, look good and just do it because we can.

Now, at least I have a few more female colleagues who are almost half my age and we got into doing female stuffs like going shopping together, talk about make-up and such. So, I am back into full throttle in this make-up business.

I just painted my nails black yesterday. I told this friend who doesnt believe in make-up that the black colour was not my idea. There is a buy one, free one Revlon deal and I bought a red nail polish and my son egged me on to get a black one. I have kept it for a while but took it out to ‘mourn Steve Jobs’. Doh…

Dear Mac, do you miss me? (this is an old photo)

She doesnt believe me. Never mind, it is true my son asked me to buy and yes, it is true I am mourning Steve Jobs, or rather find the excuse.

Frankly my dear, the time and money spent on make-up is worth it. Go try lah. It may not get you Mr Right but a few Mr Wrongs is also fun also mahhhh

One thought on “But…make-up is nice!

  1. I like this one
    “make-up in the morning and pour on the ICI paint and cement foundation.”

    Make up is quite essential these days especially when you nid to appear in public very often.

    suitable make up will make ppl, belum try belum tau, sudah try, hari hari mau.

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