“Just a housewife”

I went to my sons’ college today and learned many things.

One of them is how great I am as a parent. I have never dictated to my sons what I want them to be. So, they pretty much made up their mind to be chefs on their own.

Second is how grown up my two older sons are. I realised I never talk college with them because I believe they blend well and don’t need me anymore. The only time they need me is to go and sign my credit card with those huge amount of college fees that run to five digits at one go.

I arrived there in my jacket. I wore an old t-shirt and jeans. I didn’t expect a full day of running from one assignment to another. So, I didnt have time to go back and change. Moreover, I need to bring my Kamdar cheap jacket home so that I can wash it for DUN on Monday.

So, I was mistaken as a lecturer because of the jacket. I was anti-social as well because the rest of the parents were busy chatting about their kids performance while I was checking weekend work assignments and discussing with colleague on Whatsapp.

Then, comes the introduction where we need to tell the chap who we are. And I was struggling with my identity.

But someone said she is ‘just a housewife’. I find that rather sad. Why do women under value themselves with the Just. What’s wrong being a housewife?

That someone was more talkative than me, have more knowledge about how the college operates, have son in university pursuing a degree and yet, she said, Just a housewife.

I had been on both sides of this ‘housewife’ versus ‘whatever post I held’. And as far as I can remember, I have never refer to myself as ‘Just a housewife’. It was either ‘I am a fulltime mom’ or a ‘I am not working’ or ‘I am staying at home’.

I never like the housewife term because I hate housekeeping and I am not married to the house.

There are so many roles we do. Why tie ourselves to the house? So, women, stop demeaning self. You are important, you are precious, you are you.

One thought on ““Just a housewife”

  1. NEVER ever put yourself down that you made a choice to stay home for the kids. It is a privilege! If anyone says anything non-flattering abt that, throw them a F bomb! Maybe lable yourself as a “homemaker” and if anyone says anything disparing, say something like “Oh, too bad you were unable to make a home for your family. I sure am glad I was able to. Do you think that I should be ashamed??!!”. I guarantee it will shut them up!

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