Seven years and still surviving

Let’s the last seven years, I have made one police report against one pervert. I had been also been investigated. Though not over my status as a blogger, it is also partially related.

Seven years and I think I haven’t change. I am still the same mother. The same woman. The same blogger. The same vocal Malaysian who is not afraid to criticize the government if those things they do affect me personally.

I still blog regularly. I still diss people. I am still very truthful. I still write about my God and my faith.

I think the only differences back in October 23rd, 2004 are:

1) There was no Pakatan Rakyat nor any option of an alternative government;

2) I wasn’t working because I was dealing with kids age 1 yrs old to 13 years old.

3) I was much more obnoxious and use the F words alot.

So, seven years later, I am a little bit more subdued. Not something I want but I did it because it is easier to hold the tongue than to blast and then, get sensitive folks all worked up, panties in a bunch and I have to deal with their tempers.

Now, there are Facebook and Twitter. But they are very much like our blogs. Not everyone has the skills and creativity to make these social network as their platform for self-expression.

Not everyone can be blogger. If you can’t tweet something interesting in 140 characters, forget about being a blogger.

But if you can get yourself into trouble with the police with merely 140 characters, then, you are a super blogger like me.

So, happy blog anniversary to me. I don’t see any slowdown in blogging.

Nowadays I don’t blog so much because I hold a 9-5 job and I make sure I don’t abuse that time. I don’t make so much money anymore from blogging because of time constraints. But I had made some tidy sum previously so I am thankful already.

Looking back, a lot of bloggers are still around. But some just grow old and boring.

Me? I think I never really grow old in my blog. Only my kids did.

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