Wonder if I can do that?

I am just wondering if I can happily live a life with books, foods and family?

You see, I am surrounded with a lot of books that I have never finished reading. The titles are so varied I wonder if I have multiple spilt personalities living in me?

So, I was thinking if I could ship all these books to a villa up in some highlands where the weather is cold and stock some good foods and do nothing but read, read and read.

It is not something far-fetched, really. I had once told my hubby that he could drive all my kids and I up to Cameron Highlands and let me live there for a week with just the kids.

Obviously, I need him to drive me up there because I dare not manoeuvre a car on a slope like that. Plus the man doesn’t understand how one can live on a hill with nothing, no Tesco, no shopping mall. So, he suggested that he dropped us all there while he returns to stay on normal grounds.

Then, when we are sick and bored, he will come and pick us up again. Now, I think that sounds like a good idea because I can laze away the days looking at greens, flowers, eat vegetables, make steamboat, read and sleep.

Of course, if I can survive for a few days up in Cameron Highlands, then, I can probably hatch my next plan. I will run to some Swiss Alps and live longer. Who knows, some Swiss millionaire (you have to be a Swiss Franc millionaire, dude, to qualify) may like the idea of storing a Chinese woman in his villa with library.

I am going to look at my schedule and I think I seriously can take a few days leave and just go to Cameron Highlands on a non-touristy trip and live there. Now my only problem is whether my two younger kids are going to tag along because they can’t live without their kick-ass computers.

Nevermind, all big things start from a small spark. So, Lilian is going to :
1) live in Cameron Highlands for a week;
2) survive it, doing absolutely nothing;
3) find a Swiss Franc millionaire with Swiss villa;
4) elope;
5) survive it, doing absolutely nothing;
6) live happily ever after.

Oh, I need to elope because hubby’s idea of living happily is not ‘doing nothing’. If I can find a Swiss milkmaid for him, I think he will be compensated. 🙂 Oh wait, those dutchlady milkmaids are dutch, not swiss. Wateva lah

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