I just baked a cake and I want to blog about it :)

Sigh, I had spent a nice holiday today. Although I was so busy rushing for work till about 3 pm on Thursday, it was still worth it taking a day’s leave. I am going to be on leave Friday as well.

I treasure all the simple things in life. I have always been an easy person to please. Don’t know why but the simplest things are, the more I savour it.

Last week, I attended the funeral of my eldest son’s classmate who was also his confirmation class mate in church. Words cannot describe the pain I felt for the mother, especially.

That kind of reminder sort of shaken up my perspective on life. I had wanted to skip the funeral but since my sons insisted I go along, I took half a day emergency leave and bravely face the stark reality of young people dying.

The young man was only 21 years old, a promising lawyer-to-be and from the number of university mates who came in four busloads from KL, he must have touched many people’s lives.

The amount of grief all of them displayed were just so overwhelming. I have never encountered such display of grief at the crematorium and felt so weak and helpless, wondering how the mother is going to face the days ahead. When you have a few hundreds of people wailing at the same time, you can only stand by and ask the Lord to give them strength.

That episode left a lot of changed outlook in me. My own son had been involved in many accidents. A couple of times, those were really, really bad accidents when he smashed up the car, the bike and so on. Well, I am not one who will say ‘we are lucky’ or anything like that. I can only feel grateful, a sense of thanksgiving and a resolve to make the best of my life, each day. Treasuring it, giving thanks and appreciate all the people around me.

These few days, my older boys and I had been going around town, buying stuffs to cook for our Christmas party. I am now playing a secondary role. I leave the heavy tasks of planning, costing and organising to them. For that, I am so lucky. I am so happy. I feel so proud.

I just baked a cake. But that too, because my sons insisted it is going to be ‘my cake’. They each have their own masterpieces to do.

So, yeah, I am an awfully grateful, happy, thankful person these days. Because I have learnt not to hope for what I can’t get. I am thankful for all the wonderful blessings. Every day spent with the kids are meaningful enough.

Next year, who knows, the two older ones may go overseas to work and to continue studies. So, I am not sparing any costs or work to celebrate this Christmas the best I can. We are celebrating on Saturday 17 Dec. because next week, the eldest son will be working.

An 8 kg of turkey from the US, 10 kg of pork ribs from Spain, 5 kgs of lamb from Australia and 4 kgs of salmon from Norway have filled up one of our two fridges. We have lots of other stuffs to prepare. But it will be worth it.

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  1. Sounds like your family is preparing a feast! Hope to see pictures of your sumptuous Xmas dinner if you have the time to upload them 🙂

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