Another year gone by

As far as I am concerned, Christmas celebration is over for me. I don’t intend to remain in Penang next weekend. My son’s boss has been awfully nice and gave him annual leave though it is a very busy season where he works.

So, we are planning to be far-far away from the maddening crowd, traffic jam, hordes of tourists and packed eating places. We don’t know where we are going yet.

It is going to be a long weekend, three days to be exact. Rare to get such holidays so I am going to make the best of it. Which means, I must quickly get all my deadlines stuff ready before I take a break.

Had been working almost the whole day today, writing, researching, referring, sieving until my eyes have gotten blurry.

Christmas mood doesn’t bite me. I was at the mall today for a few hours. It is wonderful to get away from home, bring my Mac and work from some coffee joints. It is expensive though. But it’s worth it because I tend to have better concentration than in the office or at home.

The calendar on my wall looks awfully lonely now because there is only one page left. We have only a few days left of 2011. Time to reflect back and see if I have lived a good and meaningful 2011.

With Facebook Timeline, I can actually scroll back at all the thoughts, silly ideas, angry moments, bitchy words, wise opinions and mundane stuffs that have gone through my mind for the whole year, month by month.

I can actually summed up each month and make a short summary of them. Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury of time because I have to sum up something else more important.

Well, what can I say but 2011 is nothing special. I haven’t gone to jail (yet) though I do get visit from the police. I haven’t been extremely religious but that is enough to get me to get into trouble with the police. So, yeah, that part is probably the most happening thing in the whole of 2011.

I did go for several holidays. Bali, Hong Kong, several parts of Thailand and forget where else. So, that part of life is good too.

I didn’t get any richer but neither am I in want. So, must remember to thank God for His blessings.

All in the family has been safe and healthy. That’s the most important in life. Never ever overlook how important this is. In fact, this is all one should pray for.

I suppose not being ambitious makes me a rather happy person. Blog wise, I didn’t earn enough to get taxed this year. Which is not a bad thing but neither it is a good thing.

So far, I haven’t got tired of doing this 8.30am – 5.30am routine yet. Yeah, many times I did ask myself why the hell am I putting myself through all these rituals of punching clocks and making sure we are not even one minute late when I could sleep all I want at home and won’t get any poorer. But there is always something to remind me that I will get restless after a while.

A wise friend told me it is good for us humans to get restless all the time because only through the restlessness feelings, can we move forward. He said the same thing for feeling restlessness religion wise.

So, here I am, scratching the sole of my foot and wonder what’s the big deal of having another year gone by. Then, another comes in. So what? Except that it is going to be a dragon year. My year. My fourth cycle of dragon years. Maybe it is a big deal then.

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