Faster think of some resolutions!

Actually, not resolutions but what I am going to do in 2012

1. Bitch more, speak my mind and don’t give a damn
2. Hang on to my Christian faith, never ignore that little inner voice
3. Make an effort to do what I had wanted to do in 2011 – Go for my retreat in Chiangmai
4. Accept that if I am still working in this job, I will not have time for church stuffs – Don’t do a half-hearted job ministering
5. Tell boring, annoying, irritating, useless, pain-in-the-arse people to go fly kite and stop being nice and sociable to them
6. Listen to my doctor to avoid dying young
7. Election or not, give the best for the state
8. Pamper self above all else
9. Accept that nothing is permanent, so enjoy it while it lasts
10.And screw you if you think I am selfish.

3 thoughts on “Faster think of some resolutions!

  1. Chiangmai is really lovely but is developing fast. The sooner you go the better. I have been going every year for the last 10 years from before I had kids till now & if you know the locals, you will truly get to see another side of Chiangmai that will draw you back regularly to its charm. Have a wonderful Chiangmai visit, Lilian. Food is really good!

  2. Here is another resolution that has worked for me: I am the only one responsible for my own happiness. I do not rely on others for my happiness. Likewise, others should not rely on me to make them happy. If I do, great for them, if I don’t, tough.

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