Mentally preparing for Lent

One doesn’t jump into 40 days of self restrain without some mental preparations. It is not easy, Lent, i.e.

It is not merely changing eating habits, giving up that occasional beer or wine or cocktail, skipping the snacking urges and of course, trying to be more subdued. It is about the willingness to be still and wait and listen and experience.

I don’t know what’s it about Lent but it always do strange things to me. It is that period in my life when I willingly let the guards down, face my own shortcomings and dare to dream the impossible.

One can’t call oneself a Christian without allowing the soul to be momentarily vulnerable, feeling the hurts and facing the pains.

To do that, I suppose it is good we have to go through Lent when we have 40 days of observing a solemn period, reflecting and praying. At the end of it, we will rise again, renewed with a new sense of purpose and maybe a new vigour.

Lent starts this Ash Wednesday when we Catholic Christians get our forehead smeared or rather made a cross with ashes. Now I just remembered that my palm from last year Palm Sunday is still in my car boot. I am supposed to burn it on Ash Wednesday. šŸ™‚

Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the desert, being tempted by Satan and that’s something that we are doing for the next 40 days. Easter is on 8 April this year and I hope by then, I will have better perspective of life. Not that I don’t have clear enough vision of my life……

Of course, I am not going into a real desert to fast like Jesus. No…fasting for us is a lot easier. We refrain from meats, we eat 1 large meal, 2 small meals that shouldn’t add up to one meal and of course, think good thoughts. And pray.

May the Lord send His guardian angels to help me through this period. šŸ™‚

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