Just a note to self

My blog is seven years old, I think. It holds a lot of things. My ups and downs. My happy times and sad times.

Tonight, I am going to write something after a long break because I have made a decision.

What decision, no one has to know. But someday, who knows, another seven years from now, I can look back at the night I decided.

Of course, in my happy, perfect life, there are not much decisions to make.

First thing people will guess is – Oh…she has decided not to work anymore.

Or she has decided to change job.

Otherwise, there isn’t anything else. Oh wait, maybe she decided to jump faith.

I wish it is something easy like that.

I suppose I have made a lot of decisions in life. And I am rarely wrong. Even if I had made a wrong one, I stick with it because that’s the right thing to do.

In life, I guess we have to make our own decision. We cannot hang on by the edge and wait for things to happen. You either leap and hope to survive and end up in another plateau or die, knowing that you have chosen the path.

So, yes, tonight, I have decided. That’s it. No turning back.

3 thoughts on “Just a note to self

  1. Hi Lilian,

    GREAT to see how you are affirmed in your mission in Penang. God’s Word tells us that “many are a plan in a man’s heart, but it is His will that prevails.”

    With His wisdom, strength & power.. we can certainly ALL make PENANG a BETTER PLACE !!

    Ok.. I shall be forwarding an email to you which is actually my 3rd letter to Star North with regards to Road Management under purview of JKR..

    We shall see how this goes coz it is an issue that requires speedy resolution which sadly is not forthcoming from JKR.

    warm regards,

  2. Dear Lilian,
    I happen to stumbled upon your blog post today. In 2007, I made a decision to be a happy jobless guy. It’s now five years since then, and I am happy to have left working life behind, even at this “not so old” age. I am also better off today than I’ve ever been. Perhaps you can consider being a happy jobless woman and let your blogs support you. I have confidence you can do it (even without taking money from hubby).

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