So, I am a blogger. Everyone knows that.

But the blogger in me has died. Lost interest. No motivation to blog because everyone is on Facebook.

Nobody read blogs nowadays.

But few days ago after I posted the last post, someone asked me in person. “So what was your decision?”

OH MY GOD….people still read my blog. I am so flattered. And guilty too.

I don’t update here much because my thoughts and opinions spill by the minute and I have Facebook to spew them. Sometimes, when I have really lengthy stuffs to write, I will use the Note function.

Facebook is much more gratifying because I get instant Likes and Comments. It is really nice when people commented something you want to hear.

If they don’t make sense or annoy me, I get to smack them away with a ‘Delete’ or ‘Unfriend’. These buttons are damn satisfying for evil people like me.

I do the talking all the time. I only want to hear what I want to hear. And I get them instantly on Facebook.

So, why do people even blog anymore?

Well, things on Facebook belongs there and it is not as effective as things written on our blogs. Over here, whatever is written stays here forever as long as I can afford to keep it alive.

Google still favour blogs. Advertisements here remain permanently.

So, blog still floats around the internet. But I have nothing much to write.